As a parent, it’s easy to drown in your own responsibilities. For most, there’s driving to and from work, making business and social phone calls, paying (and planning to pay) bills, running errands for your needs and your children, and the never ending task of housework. Plus lots of us have social commitments, and at the same time, we try to make some *time* for ourselves to “relax.”

So what that means is that our kids can get cut short when we get too wrapped up in all the other things that “have to” get done. While we love our children, and a lot of times do all of these things so that we can provide a roof over their head and clothes to wear, we need to remember to give them more than just the bare necessities. Being a parent, and a good one at that, goes much deeper than what’s happening on the outside, but also involves providing good things for our children, from the inside.

What Your Child Needs From You Today:

1) Trust & Security: We are creatures of habit. While it’s okay to be spontaneous, it’s important to remember that our children thrive off of routine. Why? Because when they know what to expect, it makes them feel safe. This means that having breakfast every morning together, reading at the same time every day, and always kissing them goodnight makes children feel secure in their surroundings. This builds their confidence, and also their trust in you as an adult and parent. When you take these moments each and every day, to repeat, repeat, repeat, you’re sending a very powerful message to your child, which is “you can count on me.” 

2) Encouragement: Yes, your little one needs a cheerleader, and that cheerleader is you! Being a positive force in their live will help them gain confidence and help their imagination grow. What if every time you had an idea, someone shot you down and told you it was nothing. Would you let your mind continue to dream? Or would you put your head between your knees? The same goes with our children, and this is the time when it’s crucial for them to be encouraged, no matter how “silly” the idea. Any little thing they do, show them that you’re proud. Hug them, kiss them, and give them a high five. Instead of stomping it out, you’re allowing that seed to grow into something beautiful.

3) Time to Listen: Children need your undivided attention, and they need to know that you are actually listening. If every time you had a conversation with someone, they had their eyes glued to their phone and didn’t acknowledge what you were saying, you’d feel pretty annoyed. Do your children the same courtesy- when they are reaching out, and want to talk to you, stop and listen. Better yet, repeat back to them a few things they said. This is telling them that you are here, and you are listening. Over time, this sets you up for more in depth conversations with your child, because you have established trust early on.

4) Fresh Air: Yup, fresh air does a body good. Each day, give your child the opportunity to run and play outside. We were meant to be out in nature, and mother earth does wonders for our insides, not just the outside. It’s good for the soul, the brain, and the body. Even if it’s only 10 minutes every day, providing this space for your child to explore and be free will help in all other areas of life. Children need a break from the indoors and the screens, and they will feel rejuvenated from exposure to mother natures love.

5) A Home Cooked Meal: They say the way to a mans heart is through his stomach. Well, I believe this to be true for children as well. Kids need healthy home cooked meals, and not just over-processed junk. Yes, I know parents can be exhausted at the end of the day, but this is good for you too! Today, make an effort to cook something for your child from scratch. Get out the cutting board, chop up some veggies, and put together a healthy home cooked meal. The more you do this, the more you are showing your child that you care about their health, and their happiness. Families that make the time to sit down together and enjoy a hot cooked meal generally have a stronger bond. Put in the effort to make that bond, and it will come true.

6) Love: The most important on our list is LOVE. Children need to feel loved, above everything else. So kiss them, hug them, and tell them you love them each and every day! A lot of times, we cuddle and snuggle with our babies and tots, but when our children get older, it starts to fade. No matter how old they get, you can still cuddle them, snuggle them, and kiss them (yes, you may have to try to sneak a peck for your older ones). The important thing is that you express your love to them, consistently and daily. When you know your parents love you, it makes everything else in life easier, because you know that you’ll always have the support and love at home. Really, love is the key to all things. Through love, we can accomplish anything.

To really show your children and family you love them, try 15 hugs a day!

What do you do for your children to show them you care? Share in the comments below!

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