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Living with a toddler is almost unpredictable. Each moment is a new adventure to your mini-me, and that means that emotions can range from giggling happiness to screaming rage at the drop of a hat.

For me, throwing a son in the mix has been the most wonderful experience while also being the most stressful. I’ve had to learn the ways of the boy, which can be challenging at any given moment.

As the little man grows, I think about these toddler *golden days* and how when I’m older, I probably won’t remember too much of it; the details being lost to time and memory. This makes me sad, but I try to enjoy each second I have with my dude- completely soaking up the present and being thankful for it. We are all guilty of taking this time for granted or being justifiably distracted with the responsibilities of adulthood. Yet if we can stop, breathing in the sweet smell of their hair or holding them close, it will combat the fleeting movement of time and connecting us to the now. 

What I'll Miss About Life With a Toddler

Understandably, I started jotting down some of the things I love about having a toddler, which quickly transformed into things I will miss. Perhaps you can relate to these beautiful moments of having a toddler in your house…

What I’ll Miss About Life With a Toddler

1. Lying in bed snuggling. This is my favorite part of the day. Just lying next to my babe, folded into each others arms is the best spiritual medicine I could ask for. I also love staring at him while he sleeps- his face has the likeness of a tiny cherub, and in that moment, all is well in the world. This magical spell can be broken of course, as soon as he starts kicking the covers off the bed and throws an elbow in my face. *sigh* I still love him anyway.

2. Breastfeeding. While our BF has pretty much come to a close, I loved every second of it (and by every second, I mean all the times he wasn’t biting or clawing his way underneath my shirt). Having twins my first pregnancy round, I didn’t get that one-on-one experience of feeding my babies. Learning how to BF my son was a wonderful ride, and I am SO thankful that I could do it for so long.

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3. Toddler talk. Each day, my son’s vocabulary is growing; his sentences becoming more structured and precise. This is fantastic in so many ways, but come on- who can resist a babbling toddler? It’s like having a little squeaking mouse who speaks broken English.

4. Toddler stories. Likewise, hearing my son’s view of the world is hilarious and super entertaining. In one day, he could tell me anything, from how we fought off a pack of dogs to how he used to be a famous chef (when he was a baby, of course). I never grow tired of listening to my boy weave tall tales- perhaps he’ll be a writer someday? My favorite story recently was this: “One day on Christmas you a baby and you have this shirt and you have my room and me and Daddy we big on Halloween day.” Classic.

5. Hulkin’ out. When my son gets mad, sometimes he turns into the Incredible Hulk. He’ll start grunting, and then I’ll say, “Oh no, he’s Hulkin’ it.” And that’s when he starts flexing, showing his teeth, squinting, and he growls something fierce. It’s the cutest thing and comical too.

6. Darth Vader talk. The boy has also been a huge Star Wars fan, basically since birth, and will often put on his Darth Vader mask and practice heavy breathing around the house. Using the force on me to get cereal doesn’t always work, although he has choked me out with his mind powers a few times.

7. Carrying him from the car to his bed. I think it’s a parental weakness when you have to carry your sleeping child inside to transfer them to bed. They could be screaming and throwing a fit the whole ride home, but when you open that door and they are passed right out, you can’t help but say, “Awwwww.” Since my son is on the go most of the day, I use this as an opportunity to soak up some cuddles.

8. Climbing. Little boys love to climb, and my son is no exception. I’ve pretty much given up on telling him not to climb on the furniture, only insisting that he sits in his chair while we are eating for goodness sakes. And seriously, get the feet OFF the table!

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9. Playing simple games. I’m not so good at playing boy things, like cars or super heroes, but when we play simple games like matching or we color together, it melts my heart. My favorite game play is when he turns into Gordon Ramsey from “Master Chef Junior” and critiques my dish (with all pretend food of course). The boy is very vigilant about the salt content.

10. Kisses. I love toddler kisses. As a parent you only get a handful of years when your kids are okay with giving you a big smooch, so enjoy those slobber fests while you can.

The Beat Goes On

Even though I’ll miss all these things about life with a little one, I look forward to EVERY stage I have with this precious boy (and life with all my children in general!). Watching him grow is such an honor, and each ending brings a new beginning of adventures and magical memories. I love you little man, more than you will ever know. ♥

What do you love about having a toddler? Share in the comments below!


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