Will you go meatless with me for vegweek 2017

It’s that time of the year again folks! Yup, I’m talking about VegWeek (starts next Monday!), the seven day veg-pledge to help you, the animals, and the planet live a healthier, happier life!! Woo Hoo!

This is the perfect opportunity to “get your feet wet” in the world of vegan living, while also getting the SUPPORT you need through daily emails from VegWeek.com. As an added bonus, all week long, big time vegan companies will be offering coupons for some of the leading brands in plant-based foods.

I get really excited about this because it can be such an empowering week for you to take back your health and “just say no” to factory farming, which is a growing problem that is impacting our planet and causing harm to millions of animals every. single. second.

baby chicks

I know that’s pretty heavy material for some people, and most don’t want to hear about what is really going on with the animals behind closed doors. However, the GOOD NEWS is that the more educated you become as a consumer and compassionate human being, the more YOU will be able to make informed choices, and that is where the real magic begins.

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This year, I want to do something a little different- on top of sharing recipes (below) to prepare you for an entire week of VEGAN LOVE, I also want to give you pointers to some really important books and documentaries that I find valuable, if you are willing to take the next step to becoming aware of the severity of this issue. I personally believe that as time goes on, many people will start to look at meat-eating as the new smoking, which is something that impacts more than just the smoker, but the quality of life AROUND the smoker as well.

eat fresh for vegweek 2017!

And if right now you’re thinking, “Well, that’s easy for YOU to say Randi, you KNOW how to cook without animal products already!”, I just want to reassure you that once upon a time, I too was on the COMPLETE opposite side of the veggie fence. I’m an ex-smoker, ex-addict, and ex-fast-food-enthusiast. My idea of a good breakfast was an over easy egg or a BLT, and pretty much every dinner was insert-fast-food-establishment-here. I KNOW what it is like to start from ground zero, and I’m here to tell you that you CAN do it!

The Benefits of Doing a Week of Veg:

  • Increased energy as you eat a variety of vegetables, grains, nuts, and seeds.
  • Sense of connection to your food and what it does for your body.
  • Awareness of the state of our food system.
  • Growth of compassion for the animals in the system.
  • Mental clarity for how your body can transform through a week of veg!

My VegWeek Tips:

  • Choose recipes that do not rely on heavily processed ingredients (I have the MASTER LIST of recipes below!)
  • Take it step by step: if you’re new to plant-based living, begin by going meatless, and work towards cutting out animal products throughout the week.
  • Pack plenty of vegan snacks/lunches for on the go (think homemade hummus, loaded veggie sandwiches, smoothies, and loaded veggie salads) .
  • Watch plant-based documentaries (list provided below) on Netflix or through Amazon, to inform you about this growing issue and to inspire you to keep going.

If you’re new to vegan living and plant-based foods, I’d love to hear from you btw. What is your biggest struggle when it comes to going veg? You can let me know in the contact form here.

Now, onward to the recommendations!

VegWeek 2017 Resources:

Plant-Based Books:

Why We Love Dogs, Eat Pigs, and Wear Cows: An Introduction to Carnism


The Food Revolution: How Your Diet Can Help Save Your Life and Our World

Crazy Sexy Diet

Vegan: The New Ethics of Eating

Plant-Based Documentaries:


Food Choices

Crazy Sexy Cancer


Fat, Sick, and Nearly Dead

Plant-Based Recipes:

All of my vegan recipes can be found by clicking here!

VegWeek is April 17-23 2017:)

Thanks so much for joining me for VegWeek 2017!! How will you be celebrating?


Will You Go Meatless With Me for VegWeek 2017? Recipes & Encouragement!

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I have this pot set to share on my FB page and I’m mentioning it on Healthy Vegan Fridays tomorrow. I didn’t get a chance to do a post myself but yours is so great I’ll just share yours around if that’s okay! Great job getting the word out!


Thanks so much for sharing Mary Ellen! I really appreciate it!


I’m late to the game. Sorry :/ This new job thing has got me trying to find the work/life balance.
This is a fantastic post! Thank you for sharing it with us. I love the cute piggy pictures and the great tips!
There are a few books I haven’t read yet that I will add to my list too. Crazy, Sexy, Cancer is such a good documentary, right?
Happy Veg Week!


I know I LOVE that documentary, it’s so good! I wish they would offer it on Youtube for free viewing though. I hope you find the right balance you need for your new job!! Sending hugs!


I am going to do this next week ( I didn’t realise it was this week and wasn’t prepared !! )


That’s awesome! If you can manage to aim for meatless dinners this week, you are making progress and that should always be rewarded:) Every little bit counts, so just do your best and explore your meatless options! If you have any questions I’m always here to help!

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