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Using rose tea to mend a broken heart_3

The first time I ever heard of using rose to mend a broken heart, I was at the Southeast Wise Woman conference in 2014, while in the presence of the very inspirational Robin Rose Bennett. She explained that just as the rose plant has thorns of her own, rose can help us heal our own emotional thorns. Specifically, the thorns in our hearts.

Indeed, I suspected that most of us women had shown up for her class because we were hurting or grieving in some way. There was not an absence of tears as I scanned the room full of heavy hearts. Everyone wanted a natural remedy to take away some kind of emotional pain, and they were looking to her for answers.

I too, was looking to her for answers…

What Robin gave us, was straight forward advice about natural healing. She gently clarified that the plants will soften and assist us through the healing process, but they can’t do all the healing for us. We have to show up and work through our own problems.

But, she said, if we are looking for something to help a grieving heart, roses will help.

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How to heal your heart with rose tea

Roses are so beautifully tied in with Valentine’s Day that you can’t imagine the holiday without it. In truth, they are more than just a pretty flower. They can be a friend and assist in healing. This is why I have rose on hand at all times- I like to make herbal infusions and ease the day with a cup of rose tea. Sometimes, for extra comfort, I’ll add some lavender too.

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If you are new to herbs, and you want to start small, roses are a good place to begin. The hips contain vitamins A,C, D, E, and K. She also supplies us with plenty of B2, B3, B5, and B6, as well as calcium, magnesium, copper, iron, manganese, potassium, phosphorus, fiber, and protein. Wow!!

As an antidepressant, drinking your daily cup of rose tea can help bring serenity to your day. If you are suffering from a broken heart, I encourage you to allow rose into your healing process. You can pair this with some journal time or a nice conversation with a friend. Additionally, bringing a rose plant into the house and surrounding yourself with this delightful flower can remind you to work on your emotional healing.

It is said that Cleopatra requested rose petals to be strewn all over her bed and home- perhaps the healing powers of rose stretches further back than we know!

Of course, rose isn’t just good for the emotional traumas of the heart. She can also help with high blood pressure and poor circulation. If you are experiencing heart palpitations or hot flashes, try a cold herbal infusion of rose hips (see below).

Making Your Own Rose Tea

To make a basic hot infusion, simply steep 1-2 tsp of dried rose in 1 cup of hot water. You can use a tea ball to contain your herbs or these wonderful reusable tea bags.

making rose tea

To make a pitcher of cold tea, you can do it one of two ways:

First, you create a hot infusion (double or triple the amount depending on how much tea you want) and pop some ice cubes in your cooled tea or keep the pitcher refrigerated.

Alternatively, you can pour cold water over your tea ball and let it steep overnight. 

If you are also feeling physically worn out, or begin having symptoms of a cold coming on, grab yourself some rose tea. Rose also helps ease a sore throat and her vitamin C levels can help you recover quickly.

Truly, she is a wonderful herb that deserves a spot on every household shelf.


Using rose tea to mend a broken heart!!_3

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