I’m a big time believer in the idea that nature heals– it’s imagery and soothing qualities can really calm a stressed mind. But did you ever think nature could be a “birthing coach?”

Well, she can be a powerful inspirational tool, and it’s the perfect example of natural birth.

I stumbled upon this concept during my last pregnancy, when I read the story of a woman who used the imagery of the ocean shore during her birthing time. Just as the ocean very powerfully moves onto the shore, and drifts back out, so do our birthing waves (contractions). You could say that during this time they come “in like a lion and out like a lamb.”

During my pregnancy, I watched videos of the ocean, and revisited this concept mentally during my birthing time. I tried to actually make it to the ocean during pregnancy lol, but it never happened.

You don’t have to visit the shore though, or live next to it to use this powerful metaphor.

Your birthing waves are just like ocean waves- natural and sometimes intense. They can throw you down if you’re off-guard. But when you see a large wave coming, and you brace yourself, it can beautifully wash over you. In that moment, you are connected: to the earth, to spirit, and to your baby. No matter how intense birth may be, it is so gratifying to be connected to the experience, immersed in the waves and water, instead of watching others take charge of your birth from the sidelines.

We were meant to birth. Women are powerhouses of life force energy. Don’t give your power away to someone else. Ride the waves!

You can do it…I believe in you!

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