Lavender is one of the most popular herbs- and for a good reason.

It’s definitely my go-to oil for when I’m feeling stressed. Just using it as aromatherapy can be magical; an instant relief when I’m under pressure. At the end of a long hard day, a cup of tea with some lavender brings me a feeling of calming comfort, kinda like a warm hug. 

Most people have at least heard of lavender’s calming benefits. It’s commonly used for it’s naturally soothing qualities and to aid depression and irritation.


In addition to being an amazing stress-reliever, did you know that there are even MORE wonderful advantages to using lavender?

10 Outstanding Uses of Lavender Oil

  1. Apply to the bridge of your nose to stop nosebleeds
  2. Gently apply to minor burns for relief (and to prevent blisters!)
  3. Rub on the bottom of your feet to aid sleep (or put a couple drops on a washcloth and place inside your pillowcase)
  4. Add to homemade chap-stick or apply to chapped skin for healing
  5. Apply to insect bites to reduce swelling
  6. Create a spray by adding lavender and water to a spray bottle and spritz on sunburns to soothe
  7. Rub a drop or two on the inside of your cheek to stop and allergy attack (or ingest high quality lavender essential oil)
  8. For menstrual discomfort, massage a couple drops onto your lower abdomen (great in combo with peppermint!)
  9. Mix with coconut oil for homemade lotion to help with acne and other skin problems
  10. Add lavender oil to a warm bath to help relax sore muscles

The best part of course is that lavender is affordable and easily obtainable. With this many uses, everyone should have a bottle of lavender in their cabinet!

To get your bottle of Lavender Essential Oil, click here!

Or, you can get organic dried lavender from my favorite online herb shops, Mountain Rose Herbs.

What do you do for stress-relief? Share in the comments below!


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