I’ll admit that I’m an accomplished television binge watcher. It’s not necessarily something to be proud of. I mean, I could spend nights doing something productive, but of course, that would require energy that is not present late into the night. I’ve been worn down by a day of homeschooling and trying to reason with my toddler, and when you’re exhausted, there ain’t no coming back from that. So when the sun begins to set, and the temperature drops, I like to snuggle under a good blanket with my “boo” and watch sitcoms.

Currently, I think I’m on my fourth cycle of watching “Parks and Rec” all the way through. It’s an easy world to get sucked into, and binge watching a little gem like this has some very satisfying pros. Besides guaranteed laughter and wit, it also contains many moral lessons along the way- and one in particular that I have been thinking about a lot recently, which is:


“Treat Yo Self”  is a line famously coined by self-absorbed entrepreneur Tom Haverford and his diva co-worker Donna Meagle. They literally drop everything in the name of this self-proclaimed day, to pamper themselves without shame. This act of self-indulgence is played out by getting mani-pedi’s, massages, and acupuncture; topped with an ultimate shopping spree on high-end fashion. Dragging behind them is a depressed (and confused) Ben, who is having a hard time completely immersing himself in the idea of treating himself right.

The thing that I really love about “Treat Yo Self” is that even though these characters are fictional, there is a real need for us to practice this in the real world. We don’t have to be a Tom and Donna about it, but even simple acts of self-love can layer up to the equivalent of a thick winter coat; keeping ourselves warm, happy, and well taken care of. We need to take the time to love ourselves and treat ourselves with compassion and kindness. Yet our society is so focused on limiting (or over-indulging on credit) that sometimes it’s hard to find a happy medium- which can send our giving/receiving ratio out of balance.


However, there is a solution, and there is nourishment in self-care and love. Allowing ourselves to be rewarded “just because” is a healthy practice that we can all adopt, and participating in life’s little luxuries can bring a sense of calm and peace into our lives. How can we do this though? We can touch base with our feelings every day. We can ask ourselves what we need to feel nourished, physically as well as emotionally and intellectually. And we can reward this behavior with little “treats” throughout the day.

Here are some simple and inexpensive ways to “TREAT YO SELF” today:

  • Enjoy a cup of herbal tea and snuggle under a soft blanket.
  • Give yourself a foot massage (or talk your partner into giving you one LOL).
  • Take a hot bath by candlelight.
  • Read a book (in silence!).
  • Collage or journal with meditation music.
  • Have a movie night with a delicious theme (romance flick and Italian for example)
  • Speak kindly to yourself: reward yourself throughout the day by speaking positively over your life, your finances, and your relationships.
  • Do something YOU want to do!

There’s a million and one ways we can treat ourselves. Sometimes we just need a reminder that it’s okay to nourish our well being, spirit, and mind.


 How do you “Treat Yo Self?” Share in the comments below!

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Hi Randi,
I agree that self love is essential to succeeding in all aspects of life. It is so important to have some special me time on a regular basis.


Yes! I hope you get some rest this month!

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