Proof is in the Placenta- My Experience with Placenta Encapsulation

In a previous post, I discussed the benefits of placenta encapsulation. During this time I was still pregnant, and I was looking forward to experiencing the advantages this may bring to me postpartum. (To read this post, click here: Benefits of Placenta Encapsulation)This blog is a follow up, to share with readers my thoughts and … Continue Reading

Herbs for Pregnancy…

As I am well into my third trimester (and my guess date is fast approaching), I want to take a moment to talk about some of the supplements I have been taking during this pregnancy, and list a few other honorable mentions. There is a lot of talk in the mainstream about the “danger” of … Continue Reading

Are You Considering Placenta Encapsulation?

OK…placenta WHAT? Up until a few months ago, I had never in my life heard of placenta encapsulation. It all began over a long distance phone call with a close friend, who simply asked me (since we were having a pregnancy talk) “So are you going to encapsulate your placenta?” And so, farther down the … Continue Reading

Vegan Pregnancy Chocolate Protein Shake:)

When you’re vegan, and you’re pregnant, it seems like the number one question folks like to ask is “But are you SURE you’re getting enough protein?” Eyebrows go up and looks of concern may shadow the faces of loved ones or friends, while you may be rolling you’re eyes or thinking “Oh please!” For any … Continue Reading