Health Info Conflicts: Can You Really Be Healthy On a Vegan Diet?

With 2018 laid out before us, like a yellow brick road of possibilities, it appears that veganism is becoming “all the rage”. Every time I go to the grocery store, I’m finding more and more plant-based products, vegan options are popping up like mad at local restaurants, and a new vegan blog is born every … Continue Reading

Can You Order Low-Histamine Vegan Food at Restaurants?

One frequent question I get from low-histamine vegans is whether or not you can eat this way at restaurants. While it’s common for most vegans to primarily eat at home, depending on their location and schedule, eating out is something we all do, at least every once in a while. So is it possible to … Continue Reading

Whole Wheat Homemade Vegan Bread for Sensitive Tummies

Halloween is officially over and Thanksgiving is in our very near future…but are you prepared if you have allergies or tummy trouble? Everyone is so sensitive these days to food, myself included. From gluten allergies, to soy, to peanuts, histamines, and beyond, I’m wondering how long until we are all just eating white rice. Or … Continue Reading

2 Ingredient Lavender Vegan Beauty Toner + Labels

Vegan beauty is not something I regularly explore on my blog, but it’s certainly part of my daily life. Because being “vegan” goes beyond what’s on your plate- it also extends to your hygiene and beauty products, which often relies on animals or chemicals to do the job. Fortunately, it’s not that hard to substitute … Continue Reading