Questions to Ask Yourself Before Having a Home Birth

It’s been three years since I gave birth to my son in my bedroom, in the water, in a horse trough…despite nay sayers (pun intended)! Seriously though, I’ll always be grateful for the opportunity to birth naturally in the comfort of my own home, because I know not everyone has the resources available to do … Continue Reading

Why Raw Chocolate is Good for You (Benefits & Health Info)!

Chocolate. It’s one of the only foods out there that can be loved and hated with equal passion. Unfortunately, this lovers quarrel mainly stems from total confusion over one simple question: “is chocolate good for you…or not!?” Because we’ve all heard the reports about dark chocolate, small portions, boosting sex drive, and yada, yada, yada…but … Continue Reading

Natural Cures for Postpartum Blues…

We’ve all heard of “baby blues.” It’s not something you expect to have post baby, but once you have, you hope that you never have to go through anything like that again. After the birth of my twin daughters back in 2004, I had postpartum blues bad. Depression swallowed me up, and it was hard … Continue Reading

Hooray for Boobies! Why Breastfeeding is Best!

For the past few generations, breastfeeding has not been the number one choice for new mothers. Most mothers who give birth in the hospital are provided with formula from day one, as an “option,” but rarely are they informed about the differences between bottle and breast. For new moms, particularly younger generations, this decision doesn’t … Continue Reading