5 Tips for Successful Homeschooling (Burnout Prevention!)

Resistance is futile– summer is coming to a close and a whole new year of homeschooling awaits us. In many ways, I’m actually excited to get back into the rhythm, and my kids are too. Typically, for experienced homeschoolers, now is the time to gather last minute materials, do some goal setting, and get a … Continue Reading

Hooray for Boobies! Why Breastfeeding is Best!

For the past few generations, breastfeeding has not been the number one choice for new mothers. Most mothers who give birth in the hospital are provided with formula from day one, as an “option,” but rarely are they informed about the differences between bottle and breast. For new moms, particularly younger generations, this decision doesn’t … Continue Reading

Make your own Floor Cleaner

Happy Holidays! Tis the season to have family and friends over, eat lots of yummy food, give gifts, and be oh-so-merry. However, it’s also the time when we have tons of foot traffic through the house, especially the kitchen! Personally, I like to keep my floors clean, since I have three children (four including my … Continue Reading