Natural Remedies to Wean Off Coffee

Ooohhhh coffee- the drink that fuels mothers. You get a good cup of coffee and it puts you in turbo drive- your body surges with energy, you can knock out multiple loads of laundry, and zip around the kids at lightening speed, solving every request. And you can write a mean blog post- the creative … Continue Reading

30 Day No Make-Up Challenge: Do You Let Make-Up Define You?

A couple years ago, I called a strike on makeup. I spent a good chunk of my life worrying about it, and I’d had enough. I was fed up with smearing my face with toner and caking my eyelids with shadow and mascara. I was also tired of waking up in the morning with it … Continue Reading

"Heal While You Sleep" Meditation Now Available!

You’ve probably heard of the benefits of meditation: sharper mind, less stress, healthy body, and so on and so forth. However, if you have three *loud* children at home (like me), you may be wondering “when is there time to meditate?” or “I can’t get my mind to turn off for 1 minute! How can … Continue Reading

♥ Love Your Children For Who They Are ♥

We mamas love our children. Talking to dedicated moms, there is no question- we would do anything for them, even take a bullet, for their own safety and happiness. Many moms bend over backwards (myself included) to make sure their child gets a good education and life experience, on top of daily essentials like food, … Continue Reading