30 Day No Make-Up Challenge: Do You Let Make-Up Define You?

A couple years ago, I called a strike on makeup. I spent a good chunk of my life worrying about it, and I’d had enough. I was fed up with smearing my face with toner and caking my eyelids with shadow and mascara. I was also tired of waking up in the morning with it … Continue Reading

Using the Ocean for Birthing Inspiration

I’m a big time believer in the idea that nature heals– it’s imagery and soothing qualities can really calm a stressed mind. But did you ever think nature could be a “birthing coach?” Well, she can be a powerful inspirational tool, and it’s the perfect example of natural birth.

Raising Independent Learners

One of my favorite parts of homeschooling is raising independent learners. What that means is that my children vocalize their interests and take action- without always depending on me to provide the answers. This, really, is the key to successful homeschooling.

Can You Travel Using Cloth Diapers?

*this post contains affiliate links. thank you for your support! Cloth diapering around the house is one thing- you have access to a sink, washer, and dryer at all times. But can you travel using cloth diapers? Just out for the afternoon or perhaps go on a road trip? Our family cloth diapers 24/7, even … Continue Reading