20 Facts About Me (A Tale Of Perseverance).

I’m not a big social media fan- I’d rather spend my free time writing or playing with my kids, or hell, stuffing my face with something delicious. My pet peeve of the social media driven world? Facebook. My goodness people, if we could have one conversation in the real world without mentioning Facebook, that would … Continue Reading

How to Get Back to Simplicity

They say less is more. We are living in a strange time: one where people long for simplicity yet can’t seem to break free from the seemingly never-ending cycle of over-consuming. Too much television, too much junk food, too much social media, too much violence, too much testing… it’s enough to make anyone go clinically … Continue Reading

30 Days of Gratitude!

Gratitude may come easy to some, and for others, it can be like pulling teeth. That person who withheld a thank you when you opened the door for them, or the wave you didn’t get from the lady you let squeeze in front of you during rush hour; these people may make you momentarily grind … Continue Reading

Using the Ocean for Birthing Inspiration

I’m a big time believer in the idea that nature heals– it’s imagery and soothing qualities can really calm a stressed mind. But did you ever think nature could be a “birthing coach?” Well, she can be a powerful inspirational tool, and it’s the perfect example of natural birth.