How Yoga Eased My Depression and Anxiety

I started attending yoga classes at the end of this past July. I’ve always wanted to take a class, ever since my girls were small. I can remember “discovering” yoga in my old two bedroom home- trying desperately to pose in the living room, and failing miserably; trusting that Denise Austin would take pity on … Continue Reading

Why Facebook Is Making You Sad

Is Facebook making you sad? I remember when social media first came out- people were EXCITED about the idea that you could have your own little corner of the web, for free. You could post pictures! You could send your friends PDA! You could get drunk and secretly stalk your old classmates! You could “connect” … Continue Reading

How to Keep Your Past from Ruling Your Future

Admit it- there are things in your past that you wish didn’t happen. I know I wish I could take back some things; just wipe them clean with a magic eraser and rewrite it. Some of those things were brought on by our own hands, and some were circumstantial. But we can’t, that’s the thing. … Continue Reading

20 Facts About Me (A Tale Of Perseverance).

I’m not a big social media fan- I’d rather spend my free time writing or playing with my kids, or hell, stuffing my face with something delicious. My pet peeve of the social media driven world? Facebook. My goodness people, if we could have one conversation in the real world without mentioning Facebook, that would … Continue Reading