The Benefits of Block Scheduling For Your Homeschool

When you first start homeschooling, it can be difficult to anchor down a schedule. It seems like there is just so much to cover, and you don’t want to miss anything! Especially if you don’t have the support from family and friends, the pressure can be heavy during that first year. In truth, that first … Continue Reading

Top Resources for Teaching Kids About Herbs

As an *aspiring* herbalist, I’m always looking for ways to pass down information to my kids. It’s amazing to me that up until a couple years ago, I had no idea about the numerous healing plants in my backyard, just WAITING to be used! I wish that I knew this stuff as a kid, but … Continue Reading

Help Your Child Learn to Read Faster With This One Simple Trick!

*this post contains affiliate links for your convenience. Teaching your kids to read is a huge milestone in homeschooling. Not only is it a wonderful accomplishment for your child, but it also means you no longer have to read EVERY little thing aloud to them.  They can do more independent work because (once they get … Continue Reading

How to Be Grateful About Homeschooling

Sometimes it’s hard to be grateful about homeschooling. After all, I’m with my kids 24/7. As their teacher and parent, I get stuck with all the whining, all the planning, and all the “mistakes.” I am like a chameleon, always shifting into what is working for my children at any given moment; always trying to … Continue Reading