Making Arts & Crafts Meaningful for Young Children

The first step towards making arts and crafts meaningful for young children is understanding the difference between art and craft. CRAFT To craft is to make something beautiful that you will use. To knit a scarf or build a chair is craft, because you will use those items to meet a practical need. One needs … Continue Reading

Celebrating Houdini (Elementary Lapbook)

This week, my children and I are celebrating Harry Houdini, the most famous and loved magician of all time!  Surprisingly,  it’s been over 75 years since the great escape artist passed away on Halloween, 1926. This is the perfect week to remember Houdini, for not just his great magic, but also for the joy and … Continue Reading

"Magic Tree House" Lapbooks: A Perfect Time for Pandas (Elementary Levels)

My kids got the bug… …the Magic Tree House bug, that is. No seriously, they LOOOOOOVE these books! If you have young elementary aged children, and they haven’t read about the adventures of time traveling brother and sister team Jack and Annie, then they are missing out! As a mom, the things I love about … Continue Reading

Hand-sewn Puppets! (Kids Activity)

Recently my *youngest* daughter has been hounding me to start sewing again. We’ve done a few sewing projects in the past, mainly mini pillows or patching up ripped clothes (Daddy loved it when she stitched up his ripped pants…with pink thread lol), but I wasn’t sure what I should guide her to do next. I’m … Continue Reading