Backyard Foraging: Dandelion (Uses & Identification)

Spring is in the air and you know what that means? Dandelions are back!! This beautiful flower, while being one of the best common backyard plants, is also one of the most hated, looked at as only a pesky weed and not as the healer that it is. Like most people, I can remember playing … Continue Reading

DIY Interchangeable "Clothesline" Frame!

Do you ever play the game “what would you choose?” You know, the one where you imagine that your house is on fire (did I mention this was a game?) and you can only choose ONE thing, assuming that all your loved ones and pets are safely outside? Well, my object of choice has always … Continue Reading

“Santa’s Helper” Chocolate Chip Cookie Bars

I can’t imagine Christmas without cookies. I mean, besides being a requirement for pleasing the big guy in the red suit, they bring a closeness and warmth into the home that you don’t get with other food. My children and I love baking cookies together- especially with holiday themed music in the background lol- and … Continue Reading

Mountain Memories & The Best Slow Cooker Apple Butter

Over the weekend I enjoyed the blue sky, sunshine, beautiful mountain air, delicious bites of hand-picked apples, and the fist clenching cries of a baby who missed his nap time. So much for a peaceful outing lol. Every year we take a trip up to the mountains to load up on fresh apples and pumpkins. … Continue Reading