Mo’ Money: Ways to Save During the Early Years.

Kids. They are sweet, fun, exciting, and the light in our lives. But let’s face it- kids cost MONEY. Lots of it. Up through elementary grades, we will be dropping cash on food, transportation, clothing, housing, education, and entertainment. This only increases as they grow into teenagers, (more if you have girls, I have two!) … Continue Reading

Natural Remedies for Diaper Rash

Babies with diaper rash are not happy campers. Excess screaming, whining, and crying, (who can blame them?) can quickly drive a mom up the wall. Sure we can go out and buy “butt cream,” or some other over priced “treatment”, but who needs to when you can try natural remedies that work? They are much … Continue Reading

Hmmm….Have you heard of Elimination Communication?

This morning as I was sipping happily on my energizing chocolate shake, and checking my email, I came across a newsletter describing what I would come to find is known as “Elimination Communication” or “EC” for short. The post, sent from, described diaper free infants and the process in which caregivers communicate with their … Continue Reading