DIY Christmas Advent Calendar

The Christmas season is officially in full swing, so my children have been joyfully counting down to the big day! To do this, we’ve been using our homemade Christmas advent calendar. We were inspired to do this project while visiting a dear friend last year, and seeing her beautiful handmade advent calendar made us want … Continue Reading

Santa Cookies: Vegan Chocolate Chip

With the holidays in full swing, I’ve been making cookies. Lots of cookies. Lots and LOTS of cookies lol! It’s half tradition, half sweet tooth that gets me in the kitchen for holiday baking. Yet, no matter how many different types of cookies I bake, I always go back to my favorite: The traditionally heavenly … Continue Reading

Santa Lucia Vegan Bread (Updated!)

Yesterday my children and I celebrated the Swedish holiday to honor Santa Lucia; the saint who you may recognize as a woman with long blond locks, wearing a wreath as a crown and decorated with lit candles. If you have never heard of Santa Lucia don’t feel bad– I had never even heard of this … Continue Reading