Supporting YOU in the New Year! What you can do to help yourself

Happy New Year! Are you already thinking of all the things you should be doing? Do you have a list a mile long of things you want to change about YOU?

Are you judging yourself a lot right now, and letting the inner monologue rattle off criticisms about how much you ate over the holidays, or things you didn’t get done, or yada yada yada???

If any of that was a yes, then please, stop. Take a deep breath. Remember, even if you have conflicting thoughts, they are all on the same team. This is TEAM YOU, and you have to work together! Stop judging yourself. Instead, can you flip that and SUPPORT YOU today?

Of course there will always be things we want to change. Everyone wants to change at some point in their lives. We need to ask ourselves though- how can we support and love ourselves while welcoming change?

For starters, we can drop the critic. Let’s all let go of the “shitty shoulds” and start fresh. (You know what those “shitty shoulds” are: I should have done this, or I should have done that.) Regretting past decisions will get you nowhere.

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Let’s remember that we are divine love created in the likeness of the divine spirit, and that the power to change rests within our hands. We are spiritual beings! This body, these circumstances, and this time period is all flowing and forever changing. Let’s jump on board for smooth transitioning instead of creating rocky turbulence. That’s no fun!

But how?

can you support YOU in the new year?

How to Support YOU in the New Year

  • When you feel the critic coming out, stop and ask: how can I support myself right now? The ego is throwing negative thoughts at you because there is an underlining need…what is it? Do you need to give yourself a few minutes of quiet reflection, do you need a hug, or do you need to voice something?
  • Look through rose-colored glasses. Take notes on some changes you can make, but place a positive spin on it. For example, instead of “lose weight”, you can write “gain energy so I can play with my kids more.”
  • Brush your shoulders off. There will be hurdles, but are you going to let those things trip you up? Are you going to lay down for good, or get back up and keep going? Brush off those “mistakes” and keep striving!

In the New Year, the biggest obstacle is YOU.

You can totally have an amazing, blessed, and fantastic new year- if you let yourself have one. I love the new year because it is so promising. I always have a million ideas, and I get really excited about starting fresh. My drive for this blog has always started with a new year. A new chance to do better, to propel myself forward, to spread a loving message, and to help someone like you.

Adopt that outlook my friend. Be EXCITED about this new opportunity, and remember, never give up!!!


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Happy New Year! Good advice. It’s going to be a good year!


Thank you!! Cheers to a new year!!


Great advice for the New Year – thank you for sharing with Pin Worthy Wednesday


Thank you Amberjane!!!

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