They say less is more.

We are living in a strange time: one where people long for simplicity yet can’t seem to break free from the seemingly never-ending cycle of over-consuming. Too much television, too much junk food, too much social media, too much violence, too much testing… it’s enough to make anyone go clinically insane. We can’t even breathe fresh air or experience time in the natural world without driving way the hell out to “the country”. Our brains get bombarded with mixed messages every day. Advertisers tell us to “get back to nature” and eat “simply organic”, yet it’s these same companies that are trying to make sure we continue buying. It can be a very confusing and frustrating battle anytime you step out your door (or look at your phone or turn on the computer).

If there is one thing I know for sure though, it’s that we are an addicted nation. We are a load of internet fiends, shopoholics, and tech zombies.  It is very disturbing to me when I see any child zoning out to cartoons on their parents phones while real life whirls around them; their parents pushing them around in their carts like a lifeless sack of potatoes. It makes me sad. It’s moments like those that I wonder what the future holds for children on this planet.

We (and especially our children) are so disconnected from nature and the real world that most of us don’t even know how to grow anything or how to take care of ourselves. We watch shows like “Survivor” from the comfort of our couch and we feel the false sense of security that we will never know hunger or experience deprivation. (On a side note: you should always know how to build a fire, without the aid of google search.)

All of these distractions in our world is putting us at a huge risk. We are actually losing our spiritual essence that is human. We are losing our heart connection to the earth and God. We are being told that it is just in our best interest to keep buying and join forces with robots (it’s not!).


Simplicity in all forms is a beautiful thing.

Simplicity has the power to break the iron grip that this material reality has on us. It can soothe the ever-crying ego. It can ignite passion for nature. It can fuel the love that is within us. It can free us from a stressful life. By doing less, we will be gaining more. We won’t have to worry about what the world wants us to do, but can instead listen to our hearts and live out life a little more peacefully.

But where to start?

We can begin by doing less in the artificial and clear it out.

  • Cancel your cable. You don’t need 1,000 channels. If you must have TV, limit it to commercial-free services and only allow your TV to be on during certain times. Limit the amount of sets you have as well (we don’t need TV’s in every room!).
  • Clean out your closets and downsize what you have. Donate all these items to charity or have a garage sale. You can use the money to start your own garden or donate funds to your local food bank.
  • Clean up your diet. Get the junk food out of your house and go back to simple baking/cooking. Make your own bread or have home cooked family meals centered around the table together.
  • Limit your phone and internet usage. We don’t need screens to occupy our whole lives. Set “office hours” for your phones and internet time and stick to it.
  • Spend more time in nature. Start a family garden and spend more time tending to it as a family. Take frequents walks (even when it’s cold!) and leave your phone in the car (or vow not to mess with it during the walk!).

Choose life. Choose to feel it and love it. It’s not too late for us to turn this world around. While technology has been convenient and at times a life-saver, we need to know when to walk away. We don’t need a computer telling us what to do all day. We have hearts and minds and are spiritual beings living a human experience. Allow yourself to actually EXPERIENCE this EXPERIENCE.  Set the phone down. Turn the television off. Breathe the fresh air and run your hands through the dirt and get your heart pumping. Trust me, it will be SO much more gratifying than any app. Choose love.

How do you simplify your life? Share your thoughts in the comments below!


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