In a previous post, I discussed the benefits of placenta encapsulation. During this time I was still pregnant, and I was looking forward to experiencing the advantages this may bring to me postpartum. (To read this post, click here: Benefits of Placenta Encapsulation)This blog is a follow up, to share with readers my thoughts and feelings about consuming my own placenta.

After the birth of my son, now three months old (time is flying already!), my placenta was encapsulated into two batches and one tincture. The first batch was a combination of dried placenta and herbs, including red raspberry, nettle, alfalfa, fennel, fenugreek, and oatstraw. These I would take three times a day, two at a time. I was instructed to stop taking them if I got an infection, such as the flu or a common cold, and start back up when it passed. Luckily, that never happened, but I thought I should mention that detail.

Once I finished this jar, I moved onto the next, which was 100% placenta.  With these I started taking three capsules, three times a day for the first week. For the second and third, two capsules, three times a day, following one cap, three times a day until I finished them, or as needed.

Before starting the daily consumption of these capsules, however, I ingested my placenta shortly after giving birth. My Doula, Stephanie, helped me recharge by mixing up a shake for me, which included a small piece of raw placenta. Now, I know what you are thinking… “Gross!” Trust me, it’s okay to have that reaction- that was my first impression when she mentioned doing this prior to my birthing time. However, I agreed to the shake because I felt that it could really help my body kick start the recovery, and it did! This wasn’t some tall glass of nasty either- she cut off a piece of my placenta, about the size of a quarter, and blended it with strawberries, bananas, and raw chocolate. Honestly, I couldn’t taste the placenta at all, and it was SO YUMMY lol. I was famished, since I hadn’t had anything to eat in a few hours, so it felt really good to put some nutrients back in my body.

Later, Stephanie cut another small piece off and left it in the refrigerator for my husband to make me a shake the next day (a test of true love for sure!). She took my placenta home with her, to be dehydrated, crushed into powder, mixed with herbs, and finally put into capsules. During this process, she also made a stamp of my placenta for a memory (pictured left). I wasn’t expecting it, and it was (strangely) a really nice surprise and I loved it! She now includes this unique keepsake in all of her packages.

To continue, the wait between having my last placenta shake and my first capsules wasn’t too bad, but I could really tell a difference in my mood once I started taking the caps. Looking back on it, I’m really glad that I decided to drink the placenta shakes (the one after the birth, followed by one the next morning). The combination of fruit and cacao, with the nutrients from my placenta, gave me the extra push that morning (which you really need when you are recovering from birth!).

Compared to my last postpartum experience, once I was consuming the placenta capsules regularly, I felt fantastic. That is not an overstatement either! This time I felt better, physically and mentally. I did not suffer from the “baby blues,” as I had previously. I had more energy, and I bounced back faster than before. In fact, I felt pretty happy about being a mom again, and I was able to deal with the challenges of a newborn, without having a meltdown myself! It felt good to take my capsules, and it felt good to experience postpartum happily.

The most obvious change for me came the week that I finished taking my caps. It had been a few days, and I was starting to feel…grouchy to say the least lol. I was trying to figure out why I was so snappy when it dawned on me that I hadn’t had my placenta caps! I still had some prenatals I was taking, but those alone were not enough to stabilize my mood. To combat this, I started consuming the herbs that were contained in my first round of placenta caps. This helped ease myself back on track, and pretty soon I was feeling better.

As for the tincture, it’s to be used on the long term. It is something women can use during their cycle, to help ease this time. It can also be saved and used during menopause! Also, it is interesting to know that I can use any remaining pills to create more tinctures, which I plan on doing. I saved just a few of my placenta caps, for this reason or for a really bad day!

So would I recommend encapsulating your placenta? Of course I would! The debate continues about whether placenta consumption actually works or not, but to me personally, the PROOF IS IN THE PLACENTA! I only experienced positive results while consuming, and I know that other women out there have felt the same way after ingesting their own placentas. If you are pregnant and considering encapsulation, I hope this has helped in some way. Please research more benefits on this subject, and find a specialist near you!

For more information about placenta encapsulation in your area, visit Placenta Benefits Info

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