EASY vegan raw chocolate avocado pudding

Who didn’t love those Bill Cosby commercials with the pudding cups and ugly sweaters?

I mean really- it was the perfect trap for any child that was glued to the television all day, with Mr. C and his lips puckered into that perfect O. Whenever I would catch one of those ads, my thoughts were hijacked by visions of chocolate as my mouth watered and my brain started to demand, “GIMME THAT PUDDIN!”

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In the 80’s and 90’s we were unable to pick up on Bill’s “rapey vibes” (#sorrynotsorry) because we were still transfixed on the long term success of The Cosby Show and his hilarious family-friendly standup about chocolate cake (“DAD IS GREAT!”). Now? We shame dairy-filled chocolate pudding almost as much as we do Bill Cosby. Strange how things turn out huh?

raw choco pudding
Bill Cosby was king of pudding in the 80’s and 90’s, but now the avocado reigns supreme!

Regardless, I still can’t help but throw out some pudding quotes and/or classic Bill whenever I’m eating pudding (or chocolate cake for that matter). “IT’S THA PUDDIN AND THA JELL-O….” as my face does crazy contortions for emphasis.

The kids have no clue what I’m talking about and just think their mom is weird. lol.

Luckily, these days I don’t have to worry about buying those super-processed-dairy-packed-cocaine-laced-expensive-and-only-serves-a-family-of-four-pudding-cups. I can do it myself with a little cacao and avocado!

raw choco pudding
This healthy and delicious treat can be ready in less than 10 minutes!!

This pudding is SO simple and also SO healthy too! Forget those tasteless fat-free cups of crap and try making yourself this raw chocolate avocado pudding instead. The avocados provide you with plenty of healthy fats, and is sweetened with natural dates instead of excess processed sugar.

I like to add a little bit of E3Live to really get that extra health kick too- it is described in detail below.

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And for the record: my kids ABSOLUTELY loved this pudding. I used to make it all the time when my girls were small, but recently decided to dust off my old recipe and update it. The result was a pudding that is creamy, chocolatey, and moan-worthy.


Raw Chocolate Avocado Pudding

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Date balls are what I like to think of as the gateway drug to the raw food movement. If you’ve ever tried your own raw date balls (imagine the easy to assemble snack, not what sounds like a blind date gone horribly wrong), you know that they can be extremely addicting! When you’re feeling that afternoon grumble, these are a snap to whip up while also providing you the energy needed for that mid-day lag.

I must admit, if you have the humor of a 12-year old boy (guilty as charged), you will obviously have a hard time EVER making these without rolling a dozen insert-ball-jokes-here off your tongue while almost choking to death on said balls. See!?

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You may also be guilty of holding a couple in your hand while *coughing*. #sorrynotsorry because anything having to do with balls are funny. I don’t make the rules people.

Vegan Raw Date Balls
If you can’t laugh while playing with your balls then you need to loosen the tie around your neck and grow a pair…LOL I kill me.

Anyway, for all you SERIOUS people out there that are just rolling your eyes and wondering if I could possible take this earnestly, I regret to inform you that number one, NO I CAN’T, and B: it’s okay to giggle because laughter is the best medicine. So there. *places hands on hips and sticks out tongue*

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But in all honesty, these balls REALLY are absolutely amazing for your God pod because they contain some seriously wonderful ingredients, such as:

  • Dates: Is anti-inflammatory, contains fiber for elimination, and helps lower blood pressure as well as boosts brain health.
  • Cranberries: High in antioxidants (more than cherries, strawberries, apples, broccoli, and raspberries), vitamin C, and fiber.
  • Pecans: Promotes digestive health, heart health, teeth health, and is anti-inflammatory.
  • Cacao: Raw chocolate is the best source for magnesium, is an anti-depressant, mood enhancer, and lowers blood pressure.
  • Coffee Flour: While this doesn’t actually taste like coffee lol, coffee flour is a new flour that is eco-friendly as well as healthy! Coffee flour derived from coffee cherries contains iron, protein, vitamin A, and calcium.
Get down and dirty with your balls.

So enough with all this- go get your hands dirty and roll your balls. You’re welcome.

Raw Date Balls (With Cacao & Coffee Flour)

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8 YUMMY Vegan Christmas Desserts

Hello Beautiful and MERRY CHRISTMAS!!!

Whoops, sorry, I didn’t mean to yell at you, I just get REALLY excited about the holidays, especially when I’m in the kitchen with my kids baking goodies to pass out to friends and family.

Because half of the fun is GIVING the treats, right!? Now that’s what I call REAL Christmas magic.

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While we all may be trying to watch it with our Christmas dessert intake, we also have to remember to enjoy a healthy balance. Yes, it IS possible to enjoy some sweets during this time of year, without sacrificing a couple inches on your waistline.


One of the keys is to stay HYDRATED by drinking plenty of water (try to skip that soda or alcohol if you can), and remember to eat plenty of fresh fruits and veggies instead of bingeing on junk 24/7.

Another key is that when you do indulge, keep it simple and use organic, plant-based ingredients instead of those heavy animal-based ones. Truly, when you make it yourself you can control what goes into it, adding that extra bit of love:)

To celebrate Christmas and vegan baking, I’ve asked a few blogging friends to share their favorite holiday treats! Below you will find a roundup of some absolutely delicious goodies that you can indulge in (and not feel too guilty about). Enjoy!

8 YUMMY Vegan Treats to Make Before Christmas!

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Classic Dairy-Free Cocoa Fudge

I can still recall the first time I ever had fudge.

It was the Christmas season and I was in elementary school, probably around the age of 6, give or take a year. My Great-Grandmother (who unfortunately I only met once, when I was about three) sent us a large package. My brother and I never got our own mail, and so we were really giddy as we opened up this large box to find an assortment of holiday gifts, including some small trinkets and probably an ornament of some sort. It was all pretty awesome, but the thing that sticks out the most in my recollection is a tin of homemade fudge.

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I’ll never forget my first encounter with this classic holiday treat!

“What’s this?” I had asked, cracking open the lid. I peeked inside. “Oh, that’s fudge,” my mother had told me, “Great-Grandma made it herself…she makes it every year.”

I spent the next couple of days strung out on this new favorite of mine, and feeling quite sulky when it was gone. My parents never made their own fudge, so it was many years before I had “the real stuff” again.

Looking back, I’m not really even sure how it managed to get from the middle of America to our house without melting into a solid block of goo, but I suppose there was a little bit of Christmas magic involved (and perhaps lightening-speed shipping?).

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I definitely think that I channeled some of that same magic, and my Great-Grandma’s lovely spirit, when I made this classic fudge in my kitchen last week. It makes me sad that I never really got to know her, but I can pretend we have a crazy cosmic connection when I recreate her thoughtful gift from all those years ago.

I can definitely channel my Great-Grandma’s spirit when I recreate her holiday fudge squares!

Of course, while I still adore fudge, it feels (and tastes) much better to put a vegan twist on a classic treat. By swapping out a few simple ingredients, I got myself a winner that will remain on the nice list for years to come.

I hope you get a chance to make this super easy holiday fudge, inspired by one Great-Grandma!

Classic Dairy-Free Cocoa Fudge

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