When you’re in a constant rush, you need something QUICK to throw together while still remaining healthy. Enter the beloved kale.

Sure, it’s the leafy green vegetable that is gloriously praised by the health community while being brutally mocked by stand up comics on the daily (Jim Gaffigan I’m looking at you mister).

But the truth is, you don’t have to be a raging hippy OR enjoy the taste of cardboard to like this controversial food. Because kale, when done right, is one of THE yummiest (and healthiest) greens to incorporate into your meals. Drizzle a moan-worthy *medicinal* dressing on top and you’re good to go. 

And this salad?

OH BOY. The flavors are absolutely POPPIN’ while delivering a healthy dose of vitamins and minerals: kale is high in antioxidants, vitamin K, and vitamin C (plus can help lower cholesterol levels), while turmeric can help fight inflammation, easing joint pain and arthritis. Cayenne, while kept light in this recipe, is a great herb for digestion and your metabolism…and I’m just barely scratching the surface of the powers of these plants.

Plus, that’s not even the best part.

The best part, is that it ONLY TAKES 5 MINUTES TO MAKE. Yup, you heard me. 5 minutes. That’s as long as a commercial break or a crazy cat video on Youtube. Seriously!

And if you’ve been wondering what you can throw together *quickly* before you run out the door, I highly recommend giving this kale salad a go- it’s the perfect base for any number of additional toppings, plus can be used in sandwiches, wraps, and more! Personally, I’ve used it stuffed in burritos, rolled up in flatbread, layered with juicy tomatoes on wheat, as well as loaded down with red cabbage, shredded carrots, avocado, green onions, olives, and even nutritional yeast. #drools

Oh, and for the days I’m craving a light lunch, I LOVE munching on my kale salad while I gulp down a chilled chocolate smoothie. Afterwards I feel fresh and energized, which is a must for any mama of three.

I love this kale salad because:

  • It’s EASY to make with a limited amount of time.
  • Terrific on it’s own, but can also be enjoyed as a topping, in between two slices of bread, or stuffed in soft tacos or wraps.
  • The versatility makes it a perfect candidate for any ON THE GO vegan meal.
  • Dressing contains medicinal herbs that, when paired with kale, impacts your health in a positive way.
  • Is low-histamine, cruelty-free, gluten-free, oil-free, and refined sugar-free.

With this many benefits, it’s hard not to scream “KALE YEAH” at random strangers or small children from your car window.

And if you do, it’s okay- just blame me:)

5-Minute Kale Salad (Low-Histamine, Vegan, Gluten-Free, Oil-Free, Refined Sugar-Free)

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We’ve all heard about making our own vegetable broth by boiling veggies in water and reserving the liquid. You know what the problem with that is though?

Number one, it’s pretty wasteful, if you ask me. You spend a lot of time cutting up those vegetables, only to toss them in the compost or garbage.

Number two, it’s not very flavorful. You have to use A LOT of veg to get a good brew, which just means you’re cutting up MORE veg, only to circle around back to problem numero uno.

The solution? Making your own VEGETABLE BOUILLON! Not only does this cut down on waste, but you get a powerful punch of flavor to boot. With a handy food processor, it also cuts your chopping time in half (quite literally).

veggie bouillon

Now you may be asking yourself WHY you’d want to make your own bouillon in the first place, and I’m here to tell you exactly why you should jump on this bandwagon. By using the DIY method, you:

  • Save money (boo-yeah!). DIY vegetable bouillon will yield more cups than if you were to buy that overpriced box of organic liquid salt they are hocking in the grocery isle. Fresh veggies can be bought on the cheap when shopping smart- check out this article for tips on saving on produce.
  • Save your health (double boo-yeah!). Most (if not all) of those packaged broths and cubes are loaded with sugars, preservatives, and chemical additives, all so they can sit on the shelf longer and ACTUALLY taste good at the same time. With homemade bouillon, you are cutting out all the excess JUNK and using REAL, WHOLE foods. The only added “preservative” is salt, and you are in complete control with  how much you add.

Oh, and if you’re following a low-histamine vegan lifestyle, this bouillon can be a life-saver: many folks who follow LHV are sensitive to prepackaged foods and can have negative reactions to them. This bouillon contains ONLY low-histamine vegetables and herbs, plus is stored in the freezer, which helps preserve the mixture AND keep histamine levels at bay (histamine levels rise the longer food sits, but by freezing, you are slowing the process WAAAAY down!). Use it as a flavor enhancer to boil veggies in, or create LH gravies and soups with just a couple tablespoons (see recipe for ratios)!

Looking for Quick Low-Histamine Vegan Recipes?

Switching to recipes that are Low-Histamine AND Vegan can be a challenge, especially when you have work and other commitments on your plate. I believe that plant-based foods have the ability to help us heal from the inside out, and it doesn't have to be complicated or boring! That's why I'm in the process of developing EASY solutions for LH Vegans on the go. If you would like to get on the VIP list and get TIPS for starting the Low-Histamine Vegan process (plus get notified when I post a new LHV recipe), please sign up below!

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And for the record, this vegetable bouillon is AMAZING. I’ve been making variations of this recipe for years, so feel free to venture off and create your own combination of vegetables if you wish.

For this recipe, I decided to use a few of my favorite vegetables and herbs. From leeks to fennel to medicinal turmeric, this blend creates a delightful and delicious concoction that can be used in any number of soups, stews, gravies, sauces, and more!

In fact, I love using this when making stew- it adds an extra layer of flavor that takes your dish to the next level.

Oh, and did I mention this makes a great go-to when someone in the house is ill? Yep, just heat a cup of water and add a couple tablespoons to serve. It has always been a relief to anyone who is feeling under the weather in my house.

And don’t worry mama, this doesn’t take very long to pull together. It takes me less than 30 minutes, including chopping and packaging. The bouillon will last approximately 3-6 months too, depending on the season and how often you use it (I go through more of this during the winter months, when I’m making soup on the regs), so it’s well worth the effort!

Lastly, I want to mention the salt content: when I first came across the idea of making your own bouillon (from 101 Cookbooks), the suggested amount was a whopping 9 OUNCES! The reasoning for this is for freezer preservation- the higher the salt content, the easier you can “scoop out” your bouillon. However, you have complete control in this recipe to add as much (or as little) salt as you’d like, but I’d keep in mind that the lower you go, the higher the chance your bouillon will turn into a block in the freezer.

My happy compromise is about 5 ounces for one batch- that amount makes sure that it won’t freeze into a brick, yet I don’t have a heart attack pouring my salt. And remember, when using this, you don’t have to add extra salt to your food later on.

And if you’re looking for the healthiest salt? Try using Himalayan pink salt, which is unprocessed and has major benefits compared to the regular table salt we all are accustomed to. Pink salt helps balance the body’s PH, regulates blood pressure AND blood sugar levels, controls the levels of water in your bod, plus can help with your sleeping patterns (and more!).

I hope you try this comforting bouillon and say bye-bye to processed cubes and liquids!

Simple Vegetable Bouillon (Low-Histamine Vegan)

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Admit it mama, it’s hard to make meal plans.

We’ve all been there at some point: staring at a blank piece of paper, trying to conjure up meal ideas like they are some sort of magic spell, scanning…scanning…scanning pinterest or exhausting google search engines until our brain feels like liquid mush, only to space out for 20 minutes before zoning back to THE SAME BLANK PIECE OF PAPER!?!? (anger rising) , until FINALLY scribbling a passable list of what you hope is both cost effective and actually edible?

I’m tired just thinking about it. Seriously, grab me a hand fan.

When I’m in this sort of pickle (it happens!), I try to remember my best ally in meal planning world, which is: “simplicity”, followed by “Mexican” as a close second. Which is why today I’m sharing these EASY Yam & Lentil Vegan Enchiladas *cue spotlight!*.

EASY vegan enchiladas
Make your weeknight meal plan a snap with these fool-proof vegan enchiladas.

With a dinner like this, not only are you checking off “EASY” on your meal planning requirements, but you are also hitting your mark on COST. Yams, lentils, tortillas, and tomato sauce are all things that can be purchased for practically pennies when compared to “healthy” processed dinners, fleshy and dairy ingredients, and/or takeout.

The best part? They are ACTUALLY HEALTHY: Yams are a good source of vitamin B6, rich in antioxidants, plus are great for your skin, hair, digestion, blood flow, and even bowel movements (no shame here yo!). Lentils on the other hand, are low in calories, high in fiber, and contain minerals that are good for your heart, muscle generation, digestion, and your nervous system.

Easy Yam and Lentil Vegan Enchiladas
Get healthy while saving money at the same time: yams and lentils do your body good while keeping the cost down.

Basically, in not so many words, lentils and yams are the power couple you should be taking advantage of.

So back to solving that meal plan crisis. When these two make an appearance on your weekly meal plan, aim to make a couple meals during the week that incorporate their powers, since you can buy both in bulk and get the most bang for your buck.

(Psst! And while you’re at it on the lentils, go ahead and add these simple Lentil Sloppy Joes to your meal plan for the week.)

So mama, seriously, stop beating yourself in the face with your grocery list (turns out it doesn’t make your brain work faster). Instead, hop on board the yam and lentil express and ride it all the way to GET IN MUH BELLY town. *ahem*

You’re welcome.

Yam & Lentil Vegan Enchiladas

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Homemade Healthy Dairy-Free Butter

Are you tired of the battle of the butters? What’s “healthy” and what’s not (and what’s edible plastic in a tub)?

Well wait no longer mama. Instead of listening to commercials about the butter you should be buying, I want you to think about the butter you should be making.

Yup, that’s right.

No more hesitating and debating over which butter is best at the supermarket, while your 4-year-old hounds you about buying *insert sugary crap here*…again. No more reading butter labels, or feeling guilty about scooping another dab on your bread at dinner. Because at the end of the day, we should all be eating something we can feel good about, pleasing our personal ethics as well as our taste buds.

dairy-free butter- easy to make!
Now you can have the best of both worlds with this EASY to make, mostly raw, healthy homemade dairy-free butter spread!

With only a few simple ingredients, and your kitchen blender (this recipe fits perfectly into one of the Nutri Ninja Cups!), you can make your own butter without potentially harming your health (or baby cows yo!) in the process. This butter is not only dairy-free, cholesterol-free, and unrefined, but it also contains zero of those scary additives and preservatives that you find in all that crazy margarine.

Related: Why You Don’t Need to Eat Dairy (Plus Cheese Alternatives!)

It takes less than 5 minutes, is SUPER EASY to whip up, and makes approximately 16 oz. That’s a good “tub” of butter that lasts my family 2-3 weeks. As for the cost- it really depends on how much your local grocery is selling the ingredients for, but remember to try and buy organic/unrefined if you can.

dairy-free butter3

By using unrefined coconut oil, you will be providing your body with HEALTHY fatty acids, which can help kill harmful pathogens and boost brain function. Coconut oil is also great for your blood cholesterol levels, and can help aid you in weight loss.

With extra virgin olive oil, you’re keeping your butter heart healthy, while also helping prevent osteoporosis (which btw, typically occurs in patients who consume high amounts of dairy products). EVOO contains healthy fatty acids too, as well as several bio-active compounds (like antioxidants!).

In other words, this is definitely a healthier choice than any of the processed vegan or dairy-laced butters you will find on the shelf at the grocery store.

easy to make dairy-free butter!
By using unheated oils, you are keeping their healthy properties IN TACT, making it a win-win for your morning toast.

I love this butter because:

  • It spreads WONDERFULLY on toast or pancakes.
  • It MELTS on roasted or steamed veg.
  • It’s a great SUBSTITUTE for any baking recipe you have.
  • And it tastes AMAZING.

If you want to go super cute with it, you can even get your own butter stick mold. This comes in handy if you’re a mom like me, and you don’t want your tub of butter to look like it died tragically in a knife fight, because your 4-year-old has not mastered his butter skills yet.

I think this butter is so good, that even Homer J. Simpson would use it in his classic moon waffles:

And yes, while this butter is definitely a “healthy fat”, I don’t think I’d recommend eating it a stick at a time lol. #DOH!

Homemade Healthy Dairy-Free Butter

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