Nightshade Free & Low-Histamine Friendly Compassionate Vegan Sheperds Pie

Anyone that has been a long-time reader of Bohemian knows that I get a kick out of St Patrick’s Day. It’s my favorite out of the low-key holidays, as it brings in that breath of fresh air that says YES, spring is on the way and it’s time to celebrate by busting out your best Irish jig, crankin’ up the folk music, and cooking your favorite Irish meal.

It’s also a great excuse to have a mini marathon of  “It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia”, which is basically one of the best shows EVER to grace the television in the 00’s (long-time enthusiast here- no shame!). 

Of course, what “Sunny” holiday marathon would be complete without Dee Reynolds doing her best “Crazy Patty” commercial for Youtube LOL:

“So come on down to Paddy’s, it’s IN-SAAAAANE.”

*Insert high kicks here* as I laugh uncontrollably…every single time I watch it lol. 

Speaking of which, you know what else is crazy insane? This DELICIOUS Compassionate Vegan Sheperd’s Pie- it’s truly a golden recipe that’s perfect for anyone who wants to celebrate meat-free, while also skipping the nightshade veggies. *insert more high kicks*

 Have the luck of the Irish with you when you bake this stunning Sheperds Pie!
Have the luck of the Irish with you when you bake this stunning Sheperd’s Pie!

Because let’s face it- Irish food (and American) is pretty heavy on the meat and potatoes, which can lead to extended bellies and uncomfortable holidays. I don’t know about you, but I don’t want to feel like that on a day that’s all about the green!

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This St. Patrick’s Day, keep it friendly and lighthearted by using sweet potatoes and mushrooms as healthy, cruelty-free alternatives. For those that want to keep it low-histamine, this recipe is easily adaptable to fit that need- simply leave out the vegan cheddar cheese and/or nutritional yeast (if need be) and choose a vegetable broth that you know works well with your tummy.

Vegan Sheperds Pie
This recipe is not only nightshade-free, dairy-free, and meat-free, but can also be adjusted to fit a low-histamine diet.

I hope that this Sheperd’s Pie brings you lots of luck and love on St. Patrick’s Day this year! By making the choice to skip the meat and nourish your body with healthy, savory veggies, you’ll be giving an Irish blessing not only to your body, but to the planet as well.

So come on down and try this Patty’s Pie- it’s IN-SAAAAAANNNNEEE. *insert one more high kick* aaaaaannnd end scene.

Compassionate Vegan Sheperd’s Pie

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Coconut Free Vegan Chocolate Caramel Chews

When it comes to candy making, there’s nothing I love more than combining luscious chocolate with coconut oil. Coconut oil is the perfect yin to chocolate’s yang, as it adds flavor and ease to any chocolate enthusiast. I rely heavily on combining the two when making any kind of holiday treat or herbal concoction, and it is always a success with no complaints.

However, what about those who are *gasp* allergic to coconut!?

It’s hard to say how many people actually have a sensitivity to coconut, since in 2006 the FDA began identifying coconut as a tree nut, which therefor made anything containing coconut lumped into the peanuts and tree nuts category. After doing more research though, it seems that many people who are sensitive to tree nuts CAN in fact tolerate coconut, yet there are still few who simply cannot have this tropical treat.

For those that cannot handle the coconut, these treats are the perfect go-to for any gathering or Monday night in.

It had never crossed my mind that I would have to learn to cook without coconut until fairly recently, when my brother started bringing his gf over for dinner parties and it was disclosed that she has a coconut allergy.

The funny part is my first reaction was like, “What can I even MAKE without coconut?” Which on second thought, sounded like EVERY OTHER PERSON when I explain veganism, only replace coconut with meat/milk/cheese/eggs/your mom.

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I hung my head in shame for about 10 seconds, and then started stroking my invisible mustache for answers. Luckily my “stache” never lets me down in the creativity department.

Since then, I’ve had to get pretty crafty with what I whip up, and a great example of this is these delectable coconut-free chocolate caramel chews. 

When you have to deal with allergies on the regs plus lifestyle choices, you never know what delicious goodie you’ll end up with!

These cuties are SO GOOD and the best part is that you get a load of hot melty chocolate sauce left over, to dip in whatever your little heart desires, like slices of banana, cherries, or strawberries.

As an added bonus, these are not only coconut-free, but also soy-free, gluten-free, refined sugar-free, dairy-free, egg-free, and carefree, which is an alternative way to say “happy”:) I wish I could say the ingredients were actually FREE (it would go so nicely in that list), but you have to pay for your own stuff you bastards.

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Of course, I can’t forget to say that I can’t take all the credit here. The creamy caramel comes straight from Pinterest, and it was only my idea to dip them in chocolate (thoughts of a choco-holic for sure). You can read the original post about salted caramel raw bites here.

Yummy coconut free vegan chocolate caramel chews

I’ve made these a couple of times now, and they are definitely a keeper. The combo between the melt-in-your-mouth chocolate and the chewy caramel filling (it REALLY tastes like caramel people!!) remind me of some of my favorite candy bars as a child.  It’s sure to win the heart of anyone, coconut allergy or not.

Coconut Free Vegan Chocolate Caramel Chews

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Homemade Tinctures Beginners Guide!

Making homemade tinctures when you’ve never done it before can seem understandably overwhelming.

“You mean I do what and then what!? With like, alcohol? And what KIND of herbs EXACTLY? But…but…what if I screw up the measurements? What if it doesn’t turn out that great? What if by mixing the wrong kind of ingredients I accidentally open up a magical portal over New York City/ kick-start the apocalypse/ start WW3/ save Mariah Carey’s career?” (Too soon on that last one?)

Let me reassure you that in NO WAY can mixing alcohol with dried herbs create a portal over New York City (or do any of those other things)…trust me, I’ve tried and it TOTALLY doesn’t work. #bummer #maybenexttimemariah?

Making tinctures doesn’t have to be an exact science, and the wrong measurements won’t spark WW3.

In all seriousness though, making your own homemade tinctures can FEEL like a job that is fit for a scientist or a highly educated botanist, but in reality it’s as easy as pie (okay maybe not pie because that flaky crust really is magic). So let’s just say that since it involves hard liquor, it’s as easy as mixing any kind of drink, which I’m sure all of you have done at least once…right?

Don’t answer that right away. I probably don’t need to know.

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Moving on, I just want to throw out that in no way shape or form am I a tincture WIZARD– in fact I’ve only made a handful of my own tinctures, but am 100% confident in telling you how to make them because once you do one you realize how seriously stupid easy it all is.

diy tincture guide for beginners
Impress your friends and your dog by making your own tinctures at home! Oh and don’t forget the health benefits:)

The best part about making your own tinctures is of course the major BENEFITS that your body will get from them (and a close second is the praise you’ll get from your friends for being so “amazing”…just being honest here).

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And so, below you will find my step-by-step guide on how to make these babies yourself- sit back and enjoy friends!

Making Homemade Tinctures: A Beginners Guide

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diy chocolate vegan cough syrup

When the sickness overtakes your household and your kids are coughing like mad, it’s hard to find your happy place.

I’ve come to the conclusion that a house full of ill children has a direct affect on time and it’s ability to slow down to an abnormal measure. Schoolwork takes longer and chores feel like they will never end, as the top of the garbage can transforms into tissue mountain (and eventually an erupting volcano). I shouldn’t even have to mention that EVERYTHING feels infected with germs so the washer is in a constant state of cycles and I’m still folding laundry at 9 pm while I fight back my own urge to cough. *sighhhcough!*

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Because yes, at the end of the day, after dealing with sick kids, my energy level is comparable to that of Dorothy amidst a field of poppy flowers (only I just hope you leave me here).

choco cough syrup
As a side note- am I the only person that thinks their children’s “sick voices” are adorable? Sometimes I think this was done on purpose by God, no lie.

Anyway, the past two weeks we have been down with the sickness (different things at different times- sheesh!) and I’ve been completely absorbed in the world of nurse mommy. A requirement of this occupation is that you must have an internal roller-deck of what to do for said child when the wave of cough/sneezing/runny noses occurs, especially when you have a toddler on your hands.

This may or may not include a change of fresh clothes after a hot shower, orange juice, a special movie, a cool washcloth on the forehead, a diffuser, and/or natural remedies just waiting to be made.

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A little over a year ago, I posted my recipe for Homemade Vegan Cough Syrup, and to this day it’s one of the most popular posts on Bohemian. However, this time around, I decided to branch off and try something different, which included my favorite ingredient ON THE PLANET: chocolate!

OH chocolate, what can you NOT do?

Chocolate, the sweet sweet nectar of the Gods.
Chocolate, the sweet sweet nectar of the Gods.

With the addition of chocolate, you are more likely to convince your child to take a good dose of tincture without the whining or protesting, which is what I love the most about this recipe. Who don’t like no chocolate sauce?

And by giving them a good dose of herbal tincture, you are helping their bodies fight the cold naturally before calling on the box of poison (don’t get me wrong, it has its place, but not at the starting line yo!). If you or your child is experiencing rough coughs, this is the perfect remedy to help soothe and suppress excess barking.

I also figured that this would be a quicker remedy that mamas (or anyone for that matter) could do on the fly, with the assumption that you have these tinctures on hand (if not, make sure you buy yourself a couple RIGHT NOW for this very situation, no joke!).

choco cough syrup

Lastly, I’ve spent a good portion of my time recently making this recipe a variety of ways and alternating ingredients. What you have below is my favorite way, and even though I hesitated posting it with honey (it’s an antiseptic), I made sure to include a substitute for veg-heads that do not want to consume honey (no haters here, I went without honey for years and presently I only consume it on occasion in my natural remedies). If you want to leave the h-word out of it, simply double up on your maple syrup and you should be good to go!

P.S. Herbs used in the Lung Support Tincture include fresh osha root, mullein leaf, wild cherry bark, fresh yerba santa leaf, licorice root, pleurisy root, lomatium root, myrrh gum, lobelia herb, and fresh ginger root. If you cannot find a tincture with these exact herbs, do a little research and find something similar or try a single herb tincture such as mullein. Below I list a few backup recommendations available for purchase on Amazon.

P.P.S. After posting this on Instagram, a friend commented that I was like Mary Poppins, and I can’t believe I missed the blog opportunity to joke about a spoonful of chocolate making the tincture go down. Oh well. The REAL magic would be if I could get this to change colors after each dose, but I don’t have that kind of time:)

DIY Chocolate Vegan Cough Syrup

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