Babies with diaper rash are not happy campers. Excess screaming, whining, and crying, (who can blame them?) can quickly drive a mom up the wall. Sure we can go out and buy “butt cream,” or some other over priced “treatment”, but who needs to when you can try natural remedies that work? They are much safer for your baby’s bum (void of chemicals) and in some cases much cheaper.

Before we jump into the remedies, I think it’s safe to say that you need to ask yourself “WHY does my baby have diaper rash?” It could be a number of reasons, including not changing him/her enough, or even a reaction to laundry detergent (if using cloth) or the chemicals from the baby wipes. For my baby, I came to the conclusion that his booty does not mesh well with disposable wipes. It was a convenience item we used the first week of infancy, and found quickly that it was not right for our baby. We immediately discontinued use and switched to reusable wipes (which is not only better for baby, but for the environment and my wallet too!).

To help my baby heal, I tried anything and everything natural to make him feel better. Here is my list of remedies that helped my baby’s bum get clean and happy again:

*Note: Remember to clean the affected area with a warm cloth prior to treatment, as dirty bums can worsen the diaper rash.

#1: Aloe Gel: This is by far the BEST solution that worked for my baby! Aloe is great for the skin as it is known for its wonderful healing properties. It nourishes and helps ease the pain felt by rashes. Rub a little bit on the bum EVERY time you change a diaper, until it heals completely. You can buy pure aloe gel OR buy a little aloe plant and squeeze the gel from the leaves!

#2: Baking Soda Bath: A good thing to do for your baby is to soak their bums in a baking soda bath. You can do this every day or as needed. Mix 1/2 C baking soda in warm bath water and let your baby sit for about 10-20 minutes. This will help soothe the affected area. Afterwards, you can let them lay diaper free on a towel to let it air dry. Sometimes a break from diapers can help!

#3: Non-GMO Cornstarch: Some people swear by cornstarch (as it is found in baby powder, but of course your mainstream powder has other additives that can be irritating to your baby). However, after I did some research, it seems like cornstarch is a good prevention tool. Dust on the booty during each diaper change to create a barrier which can help prevent rashes. If your baby already has a bad case of soreness, I suggest trying other methods first. Once healed, follow up with cornstarch.

#4 Homemade Calengula, Comfrey, and Lavender Salve: My good friend made up a batch of this for me, and it is a great option for rashes. Calengula is great for the skin because of its anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial properties, which helps the healing of wounds. Comfrey contains allantoin, which has been shown to accelerate skin healing and close wounds faster. Lavender is soothing, has moisturizing effects and rejuvenates the cells. To mix up your own batch, in a crock pot, add coconut oil and herbs. After a couple of hours, strain out the herbs, and you will be left with a lovely salve that works great for healing little butts and more! *Note: let cool completely before use!

#5: 100% Pure Coconut oil: If you want to skip using herbs altogether, use pure coconut oil. Coconut oil absorbs easily, can be used to reduce chronic skin inflammations, and is soothing to the skin.

Once you get diaper rash under control, continue to treat the area with care. Be consistent with applying some sort of barrier, whether it be one of the above or another natural substance. A good rule to go by is that if you can eat it, chances are it is safe (just keep in mind that some babies may have allergic reactions to foods). Sometimes rashes happen just because the area is so dry, and the constant rub of a diaper will irritate the skin. Be vigilant during diaper changes, and you won’t have to worry about red butts ever again!

Lastly, I want to reinforce the idea of switching from disposable wipes to reusable wipes. If your baby experiences constant diaper rash, please look into buying reusable wipes or washcloths. Another option would be to make your own wipes for “on the go” use (make a lavender solution and use paper towels). Whatever works for your family is the best option, so here’s to happy babies and clean bottoms!

Oh yes and remember:

Baby + Clear Bum = HAPPY MOMMY!

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using good diaper keep baby happy and it keep baby dry & comfortable.By using diaper if baby getting rash then use some remedies, there are several of remedies are available. From this parents get good idea and remedies for rash by using, keep following this blog for new ideas.


AWESOME POST!!!! For a while my daughter you get a bad rash here and there. EVERY TIME she has the slightest thing wrong, her grandparents would blame it on the cloth diapers. I heard, “they’re too hot”, “they’re too thick”, “they aren’t getting clean”, “they hurt her butt”. And no matter how much I defended the diapers, no matter how the scenarios changed, (even when I explained that we had unfortunately given her something that upset her sensitive tummy and therefore messed with her poop) they hated on my diaper stash!!
Anyway… I’m going somewhere with that random story……. Thankfully, she’s not flaring up nearly as much. But I was the desperate google-happy Mommy looking for natural remedies. I’ve used the corn starch and that helped. I put too much on and made quite the mess. And oh, how she giggled.I really wish I had had the Aloe on hand, I think I’ll make sure to buy that soon! I’ve also used extra virgin Olive Oil on her. Another is almond oil with some lavender-tea tree essential oil mixed in. Those all seemed to soothe her at least a little. I used to swear by Butt Paste (because I had never tried anything else) but I prefer to put natural pronounce-able things on my daughter’s tushy.
Thanks for posting!


Ahhh tee tree oil…good idea! Glad you are trying more natural ways to take care of your baby! I know some people don’t like cloth, but I think it’s the best choice for babies! I read recently that babies from low income homes typically get changed after they have wet their diapers 2-3 times, or sometimes go all day wearing the same diaper because the family can’t afford them. While this may sound extreme to some, I’m sure that a lot of disposable diapers don’t get changed as much as cloth diapers do. In my opinion they are cleaner and better for baby butts! Best wishes to you and your baby!


We are definitely on a tight budget – that’s the first reason I started looking into cloth diapers!!! We save SO MUCH MONEY!

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