How To Get Your Kids Clothes FREE!!!!

We all want to save money.

Kids clothing (and hell, everything we “have to have” these days) can get pricey. Trust me I know. I had my twin girls when I was 20.  It was a blessing that we had so many people donate clothing and other baby items to help my husband and I get started. My kids didn’t even wear matching clothing for the first year, mainly because we were operating on donation items.

As time went on, I would still shop at the Good Will, but sometimes I would go to Target and pick up a couple things to pacify that need for matching cuteness.

The clothes were cute, yes, but a couple pairs of shorts and a couple tops was still $30.

That’s a lot when you don’t have a job and you’re broke lol.

Kids Clothes from Consignments

Things improved over the next few years, but our clothing situation dramatically changed when I went to my first consignment sale.

For $30, I got WAY more. Yeah, it was “used”, but everything was in great, if not perfect, condition.

I got name brands.

I got cute twin items.

I got to splurge and save money, at the same time.

So how do you get your kids clothes FREE?

After going to a couple consignment sales, I realized that I could get a whole seasonal wardrobe for around $50 per child. I also realized that I could get my kids some really awesome second-hand toys/books on the cheap, and I wanted to take advantage of that. So back when I had two kids, I averaged that I needed about $120-150 per sale.

Sometimes we were able to put aside money in advance, and other times we just had to scrape together what we could afford at the time.

And then I started selling.

This is where the magic happened.

It dawned on me after my first consignment event as a seller, that the money I made could be filtered right back into the clothing budget.

I thought, “If I keep doing this, the clothes will pay for themselves!”

Essentially, I’m just trading out the old for the new, and never having to pay out of pocket for my kids clothing.

I just flip ’em.

Get Your Clothes FREE!

When I sell through my local consignment event, I take all the money I made and I place it in an envelope for the next sale.

I don’t have to worry about where I’ll get the money, because one sale always supports the next.

In this way, I never have to worry about paying for clothing. And it rocks!

Is it really worth it?

YES. Yes, yes, yes!!!!!

Seriously, I’ve seen some good shiz at the consignment sale.

Clothing with the tags still on, adorable Christmas dresses, and barely used toys. The women who shop these sales do the same thing I do, it’s no secret. And so, before they sell, they filter out a ton of stuff because they know they will be bringing a ton back in (it’s hard to resist the consignment rush).

Plus, our kids grow so fast, sometimes they barely have time to wear these cute items. I mean, yeah those Christmas dresses at the store are BEAUTIFUL, but really, $35 a pop? For one day? Get outta here! I’ll pass and buy my once-worn holiday dress at the consignment sale for $8 or less.

Let me tell you something- while I missed out on those early years of sales for my twins, I’ve never missed a sale for my son.

Clothing Pile

ALL of his clothes (and more!) I got through the consignments. And it’s worked out perfectly because an infant grows FAST.

And no, there’s no stains. My local sale is pretty vigilant about quality control.

Why not just shop at Good Will? That saves money too…

If you are moaning already, because you don’t feel like tagging and pressing items (yes, you do have to put some effort into it), you may be asking yourself if you could just shop at the Good Will instead.

And I say, well sure mama, but you won’t be able to flip your clothing. And you will still be spending more than if you just bit the bullet and became a seller.

Listen, the average amount I pay for a toddler shirt at the consignments is $1. Good Will charges close to $3.

And no, it’s not ugly, tattered clothing either. It’s “The Children’s Place”, “The Disney Store”,  and “Carters” clothing, that was only worn once or twice and then outgrown.

Good Will is trying to support its business. The sellers at the consignments are trying to get this crap out of their house. You will find more deals on the rack there (and if you wait it out, you can go on a discount day and save even more!).

I mean, which is the better deal? 10 shirts for $10 or 3 shirts for $10?

Thought so.

One last thing…

Make sure you go to a seasonal consignment sale! I’m not referring to those cute little “discount” shops you see in downtown areas. While you may find some adorable clothing, you are going to find the real deals at the seasonal sales.

To find a sale near you, click here to visit this directory page for Kids Consignment Sales in the US.

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How do you save money on your kids clothing? Share in the comments below!


Get Your Kids Clothes For FREE!!!! Never pay full price!


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