You’ve probably heard of the benefits of meditation: sharper mind, less stress, healthy body, and so on and so forth. However, if you have three *loud* children at home (like me), you may be wondering “when is there time to meditate?” or “I can’t get my mind to turn off for 1 minute! How can I sit still for 15 minutes without thinking!?” This is why I personally love guided meditation- it can be a helpful tool when you just can’t seem to center yourself.

Okay, so we use a guided meditation, but now what?That still doesn’t provide the time to do it.

This is one of the many reasons why I created “Heal While You Sleep: Soothing All Ages Through Blissful Meditation.” As a busy mom myself, I was struggling to find “the time” between homeschooling my twin daughters and taking care of my newborn baby boy. Unwinding before bed, with the comfort of meditation seemed more logical to me- it helped me focus on my breathing, bringing me into a peaceful state, and preparing me to sleep well.

Previous to this realization, I noticed that my daughter was having a hard time falling asleep. While the reasons for her insomnia would differ from day to day, I was able to help her relax by providing the imagery of nature-perhaps a walk in the forest one day, a day at the lake the next, or a stroll on the beach. All of these imaginary situations helped quiet her mind, enabling her to fall to sleep peacefully.

“Heal While You Sleep” is rooted in that very situation.

I wanted to provide a guided meditation that could help heal children, adults, and families, all in the comfort of their own bedroom at the end of a long hard day. I wanted people to be able to sleep better, because after all, the key to a successful day starts with a successful nights sleep.


I worked closely with my 9-year-old daughters, developing the perfect imagery of a guided nature walk, while focusing on healing our energy points (also known as chakras). If you aren’t familiar with your energy points, that’s okay- all you have to do is get comfortable with a soft pillow and allow the meditation to guide you into a peaceful state of relaxation. Included in this download is a Users Manual, complete with information on your energy points, where they are and what emotions are attached to that particular place in the body.

This is extremely helpful to clear any blocks preventing you from moving forward, whether that be at work, school, or just sleeping soundly!

Of course I couldn’t do this alone- I teamed up with my very talented (and patient) brother, Bert, and together we composed a beautiful track, complete with soothing nature sounds to accompany you on your night-time journey.


I am thrilled to release “Heal While You Sleep” today, and hope that you find it a valuable tool during your bedtime ritual!

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