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The holiday season for many is about “getting”-whether it’s food, gifts, time, or money. While it’s really fun to receive, we can’t forget to give as well. The idea of giving is typically reserved for December, in the form of a present- material objects wrapped in shiny paper. We can take a step back though, and not look at that present, but look at what is going on right now (present-tense!). Are you giving as well as receiving? Is this ratio balanced, or out of whack?

This season, for Thanksgiving, I want you to think beyond what you are grateful for, and instead, reverse it to what you’re giving for. After all, it’s Thanks-giving, not Thanks-getting!

First, make a contribution to others around you. This offering can be in the form of time, such as time spent with your children. You could help your neighbor or friend with a project. Or, you could donate your time volunteering for a cause you really believe in. Likewise, you can help by giving the physical- food, clothing, or toys to those less fortunate. When you’re in line at the supermarket, give someone your change. Leave coupons on top of food items. Ask the checkout girl if she is having a good day. Give yourself.

In doing so, remember what you are giving for.

Are you giving just to get? Or are you giving to help. Giving to make others happy. Giving to aid your fellow man.

Sometimes we need people to twist our arm, well, I’m giving you the twist you need lol.

This Thanksgiving, I am taking a break from the inter-webs. I’ll be spending some uninterrupted time with my kids and family, to do things that we don’t always have the chance to do because of work and school. I’ll also be on the lookout for other anonymous ways to help, so that my kids can get in on the giving. If it’s overwhelming to give a lot, just give a little. We will soon realize that the feeling that comes from giving is more rewarding than getting. In fact we are getting something much greater…love.

I hope you all have a very Happy Thanksgiving! I will be back after the holiday with more lovin’ to help you learn, heal, and grow.

Sending *Blessings and Love*


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