How often do you look your child in the eyes?

Are you engaged in conversation with them, or are you often running on autopilot; talking to them while your eyes are glued on the phone, or hunched over a sink full of dishes?

It is said that we need 15 hugs a day for good health, but did you know that we need eye contact too?

When children get limited or virtually no face time, they will act out (even if it’s negative, it’s better than nothing), in order to have some sort of human connection. This type of reaction all stems from the subconscious. I mean, think about it- when you are scolding your kids, do you have your back turned?

Chances are, you don’t. You will turn around and let them know who’s boss!

“You better clean your room, mister!”

Taking that scenario into consideration, think of all the good that can come from positive reinforcement with eye to eye connections.

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Saying “I love you,” directly.

or “I’m proud of the way you handled that conflict.”

or “Thank you for hanging up your coat.”

Giving children positive eye contact can really turn the day (and their life!) around. Eye contact builds confidence, encourages trust, and can soothe. They say the eyes are the “windows to the soul” for a reason. Making these important visual connections can also bring us closer emotionally. We can empathize with our children’s day, and top off the conversation with a hug and kiss. Another added bonus- we will benefit from this practice too! So it’s a win-win situation!

Make the connection today, and practice positive eye contact!

How do you let your child know you love them? Share in the comments below!


Photos courtesy of “Public Domain Pictures”: Children’s Dreamy Eyes/ Closeup Eye

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It really is the little things with children isn’t it? Thanks for linking up to the parenting pin it party


It is! Little things always add up to big things. Thanks for commenting!

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