Do you ever play the game “what would you choose?” You know, the one where you imagine that your house is on fire (did I mention this was a game?) and you can only choose ONE thing, assuming that all your loved ones and pets are safely outside? Well, my object of choice has always been, and will always be, my photos.

I’m a little obsessed with photographs.

I mean, if there was a fire, I’d have to grab at least ONE album. That used to be my wedding album, because before my son came along, that album contained pics of everyone I love. Now, however, I’d probably grab my wedding album and my sons baby book, as I fought my way through the flames with karate chop kicks (it’s the best way to put our a fire you know).

Of course, this is all hypothetically speaking. In reality, the first thing I would do is get my children outside. I would, however, mourn the loss of photographs (don’t judge me!). To me, photos are worth more than gold– it’s memories, and proof that your children were once small, that you really did take that trip 8 years ago, and that yes, those people you loved really did exist and they aren’t just in your mind.

So, naturally I have a lot of albums, and I used to randomly place pictures around the house. Recently, when I was at a craft store though, I saw what I could only describe as an interchangeable “clothesline” frame, and I thought “That is SO perfect!” The price tag, however, was not so perfect. I can impulse buy small things, but I can’t impulse buy $50. Sadly, I walked away, only to come to the realization in the next isle that I could TOTALLY “DIY” this project!


I gathered up all my materials, and was able to make 2 FRAMES for HALF the price of one! Score!

The best part is that this is one of the easiest DIY projects ever! You can have them finished and drying in one afternoon, and on the wall by the next morning. Yeah!

Enjoy making these AWESOME frames! Just make sure you get really good clothespins, in case you have to go all crazy and toss them out of your second story window because there’s a fire. *wink*

DIY Interchangeable “Clothesline” Frame (2)


  • 2 Wooden frames, your choice of size (I used XL ones, the inner corners measuring 15 x 19 inch)
  • Your choice of paint ( I used ultra white trim paint)
  • Paint brush
  • Newspaper or drop cloth
  • Natural Jute, 3 ply (the amount depends on how many rows you want)
  • Stapler
  • Wood glue
  • Clothespins (I used colorful mini ones)
  • Photos!!!


1) Lay out your newspaper. Paint the inside trim of the frame first. Flip over, and paint the front, making sure to get nice, even strokes. Let dry, about 2-3 hours (or overnight if you want). I let mine dry on the newspaper, but if you can find a place to prop them up, that may work out better.



2) Once your frame is dry, and if your frame got little bits of newspaper stuck on the back (like mine), you may need to pull out your handy dandy razor and scrape the back of the frame. I wouldn’t suggest pulling the newspaper off, since it may rip some of the trim paint off with it (and that would suck). Lucky for me, my hubby was so kind to help me with this part.


3) Flip your frame over, backside facing up. Using the jute and your stapler, begin working your way back and forth across the back of the frame, stapling on each side of the row (see below) to secure it in place. Pull the jute tight, so it doesn’t sag. You can do as many rows as you want, but for this size frame, I aimed for 7. It helps if you have a partner to work with!



4) Next, to make super sure it holds, squirt a couple dabs of wood glue over each stapled section. Try to get away now sucker, ha ha!


5) Let your frames dry. I allowed mine to air out overnight (enough excitement for one day), but you could probably just let them dry for another hour or so.


PROJECT COMPLETE! Use some cute clothespins (like these adorable multicolored minis) and hang your frame wherever you want, using the clothespins to secure your photographs in place. TA-DA!



What is your “go-to” object that you can’t live without? Share in the comments below!


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Hi Randi, could you please tell me where can I get the XL wooden frame like the ones you used in this project?



Hi Kay, I got mine at Hobby Lobby! I’d love to hear how yours turns out, thanks for commenting! 🙂

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