Christmas is almost here! For most people that means days filled with last minute shopping, wrapping, and holiday craziness.

It’s pretty easy to get (literally) wrapped up in all this chaos- the collective consciousness is high in stress and credit card totals. The traffic is heavy. The lines are long. Going out in the madness can be one big overwhelming mess. If you are feeling the weight of it all, it’s ok to step back. Take some time to stay at home, in the warmth of your safe space, and create something beautiful for Christmas.

An activity like wreath making is one that my children and I always enjoy. It’s not complicated and it’s not stressful. It’s the perfect activity that fills us with the holiday spirit, but doesn’t overload us with steps or materials. In fact, it’s so simple and so relaxing, that I request to do this activity with my friends every year. You can re-use most of the materials too, so it’s a win-win.


I suggest to each person that they do something this weekend that makes them feel really good- and not get bogged down with responsibilities and commitments. In fact, the Christmas tree (and wreaths) is a symbol of growth during a season that is cold, dark, and dormant. Allowing yourself that time, to grow and reflect through functional crafting, is healing and comforting.

I hope that you all have a very blessed Christmas, one that is relaxing and filled with love.

Holiday Wreath 


  • Quilters wooden embroidery hoop (size of your choice)
  • Green floral wire
  • Ribbon
  • Tree trimmings (Pick up some leftovers from local tree lots)
  • Good pair of scissors (to trim the tree scraps)
  • Wreath hook, for hanging



  1. Cut your tree scraps down to your desired size (the length depends on the size of your hoop).
  2. To secure the greens to your hoop, use the floral wire. Wrap the wire around your greens tightly, and twist wire together if necessary.
  3. Add more greens until you cannot see the hoop, and the wreath is full.
  4. Make your bow. Secure it to the hoop with more wire.
  5. Hang your wreath:)


Do you have any holiday crafting traditions? Share in the comments below!

Sending blessings and love for a beautiful weekend and holiday…


Beautifully Bohemian

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These are an adorable little size. Using an embroidery hoop in brilliant. So much cheaper then a wreath form. Your wreath is quaint, simple and adorable. I love all the little pine needles.


Thank you Leanna! We have made these every year for the past five years- we just reuse the hoop!!


I love how you approach Christmas Randi and this little wreath is adorable


Thank you dear! I love doing wreaths every year:)

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