Woodland Critter Munchie Bars (Flour-less, Vegan, & Gluten-Free Snack!)

*this post contains affiliate links for your convenience. Let’s be honest here- it can be hard to come up with healthy snacks. Personally, I get burned out on eating the same thing over and over again. You can only have so much fruit before you just hate bananas for a period of time. Plus, with … Continue Reading

Gluten Free Vegan Pumpkin Pie Granola Bars (with Chocolate Chips!)

Okay I admit it- I freak out a little when I go to the store and see displays of food with pumpkin in it. When I say “freak out” I mean that I act like a little kid at a candy store. “Look at this!!! Omg look, look!!!” I say, as I thrust a box … Continue Reading

Raw Jalapeno Coleslaw (Sugar Detox!)

We consume WAY too much sugar. I recently read that in the 1800’s, on average a person would consume 9 pounds of sugar in a whole year. Today, that number has skyrocketed: the average person consumes around 150 pounds of sugar a year! Yes, shocking. In fact, I think I just gained two pounds writing … Continue Reading

Vegan Smoothie Bliss: Strawberry, Coconut, & Maca

Some days, all I need is a smoothie to jump start my morning. I absolutely love opening my fridge and having a smoothie multiple choice– that’s when I stand there stroking my invisible beard and say “Chocolate? Or no chocolate? That is the question.” And when I decide to wander from my bestie, I like … Continue Reading