Dinner Herb Sprinkles

Yup, you read that right…herb SPRINKLES lol.  No, they are not the confetti kind, dyed with artificial colors, but it sure does make you want to toss some confetti when you have them lol. These dinner herb sprinkles are PERFECT for Asian-inspired dishes, soups, stews, or roasted veg. They are packed with flavor and you … Continue Reading

Vegan Yam & Corn Chowder

Oh soup, how I love your ability to sweep me into a state of pure bliss. This is how I feel whenever I sit down to a nice large bowl of steamy broth and veg- it instantly transports me to my happy place and it truly is healing in so many ways. It doesn’t even … Continue Reading

Indian Vegetable Patties (Vegan, Egg-Free, Dairy-Free)

Indian food has become a staple in my household over the past few years. With so many vegan options, it’s very easy to whip up something healthy and delicious, without reaching for substitutions! If I pass an Indian grocery, it’s hard for me not to pull in and stock up on goodies, like samosas with … Continue Reading

“Oh So Creamy” Corn Chowder (Dairy-Free!)

*this post contains affiliate links for your convenience. I’m, what my parents would call, a “soup-head”. I LOVE anything that is soupy, creamy, and can be ladled into small bowls. I was thrilled when I was old enough to have the arm strength to open a can of soup and be trusted to heat it … Continue Reading