Superfood Vegan Smoothies (Recipes Included!)

This article is brought to you by the lovely Jenny Travens over at SuperFood Living. Sometimes, people think vegan smoothie recipes are drinks that cannot replace meals. What they don’t know, however, is that a recipe that doesn’t contain animal protein does not imply that it can’t replace a meal. For instance, we get protein … Continue Reading

Vegan Smoothie Bliss: Strawberry, Coconut, & Maca

Some days, all I need is a smoothie to jump start my morning. I absolutely love opening my fridge and having a smoothie multiple choice– that’s when I stand there stroking my invisible beard and say “Chocolate? Or no chocolate? That is the question.” And when I decide to wander from my bestie, I like … Continue Reading

Smoothie Bowls! A Healthy Vegan Breakfast…

They say your breakfast sets the tone for the rest of the day. We know this is true, I mean, how good do you feel after eating a stack of pancakes loaded down with maple syrup (I know it’s tempting)? While there are a bunch choices for a vegan breakfast, many of them can involve … Continue Reading

Perfect Vegan Breakfast: Scrambled Teggs (Tofu "Eggs") & Toast!

Most non-vegans can’t imagine breakfast without eggs- they are a staple in American culture and across the globe. Yet my perfect morning includes what my family likes to call “Teggs,” or vegan scrambled tofu and veggies. Tofu is a great way to substitute eggs, as it is a complete protein and a great way to … Continue Reading