When Should You Stop Breastfeeding Your Baby? (Or Toddler!)

Just getting started with breastfeeding can be a challenge. Finding a comfortable position, getting baby to latch, and how to effectively BF in public are all learned skills. They take patience, love, and practice. But now that you got all that, and the initial praise has simmered down, people are starting to wonder…when are you … Continue Reading

Making the Time to Pursue our Dreams…

Finding time to pursue your dreams while running a household with multiple children can feel overwhelming…and impossible at times! However, it is important for us to know as mothers that we CAN make time for ourselves and our dreams. We need to remember that even though we are mamas, we are also individuals with our … Continue Reading

The Benefits of Walking in Spring!

As we walk out of the dark and chilly winter months into the new life in Spring, we feel more positive about what’s to come in the summer months, more daylight and better weather mean we can plan more adventures! We can see green leaves on trees, colorful buds on the spring flowers and hear … Continue Reading

How to Use Peppermint Oil to Heal Aches, Pains, & Nausea

Having a headache with children bouncing around you can be like a little piece of hell lol. Even though headaches are a rarity for me, sometimes, it happens. I’m not the type of person that is going to pop pain medication every chance I get though, and I reach for that solution only in extreme … Continue Reading