How to Get Back to Simplicity

They say less is more. We are living in a strange time: one where people long for simplicity yet can’t seem to break free from the seemingly never-ending cycle of over-consuming. Too much television, too much junk food, too much social media, too much violence, too much testing… it’s enough to make anyone go clinically … Continue Reading

Why It’s Okay to Give to the Homeless

As the money slipped from my fingers into his, I could see the relief in his eyes. His palm closed tightly around this gift, and his face gave me a look of both disbelief and excitement that his request had been fulfilled. Backing away, he simply said, “Thank you so much.” I watched him walk … Continue Reading

How Women are Portrayed in the Media…And How You Can Change It.

Recently I came across a very different type of documentary- Miss Representation. It shed some light on a subject that is thrown in our faces everyday but no one really talks about, which is the way women are portrayed in the media. Why does this matter? Because the images of women in the media has … Continue Reading

It’s ThanksGIVING, not Thanksgetting…

The holiday season for many is about “getting”-whether it’s food, gifts, time, or money. While it’s really fun to receive, we can’t forget to give as well. The idea of giving is typically reserved for December, in the form of a present- material objects wrapped in shiny paper. We can take a step back though, … Continue Reading