Will You Pledge One Week of Meatless Meals? (Veg Week 2016)

Have you been on the fence about going meatless? Well here’s your chance to get your feet wet and give it a go! From April 18th through the 24th, join me and thousands of others while we go MEATLESS for an entire WEEK! This beautiful concept was founded by “Compassion Over Killing” back in 2009, … Continue Reading

Cheese Alternatives & Why You Don’t Need to Eat Dairy

One of the TOP responses I get as a vegan is the never-ending, “I could NEVER live without cheese!” People look at me as though I just asked them if they could cut off their own limbs. Trust me when I say, “YES, yes you can.” (Give up dairy that is, not dismember yourself, silly.) … Continue Reading

Why Facebook Is Making You Sad

Is Facebook making you sad? I remember when social media first came out- people were EXCITED about the idea that you could have your own little corner of the web, for free. You could post pictures! You could send your friends PDA! You could get drunk and secretly stalk your old classmates! You could “connect” … Continue Reading

How to Get Back to Simplicity

They say less is more. We are living in a strange time: one where people long for simplicity yet can’t seem to break free from the seemingly never-ending cycle of over-consuming. Too much television, too much junk food, too much social media, too much violence, too much testing… it’s enough to make anyone go clinically … Continue Reading