DIY *Simple* Vegan Healing Salve

I’m OBSESSED with DIY salve. In the summer, before I leave the house, you’ll find me sitting at the kitchen table lathering up my legs, arms, and face. I walk into the world looking fly and feeling like silk. It’s a ritual that even my kids have started to participate in, my son always trying … Continue Reading

DIY Herbal Vinegars (Gift Idea!)

*this post contains affiliate links. One of the easiest (and quickest!) herbal preparations that I’ve learned about recently is how to make your own herbal flavored vinegars. It doesn’t require much prep time and therefore can be be done within a few minutes in your kitchen. After that, you just sit back and let the … Continue Reading

Quick and Easy Natural Remedies for Sore Throats ( Safe for Kids!)

*this post contains affiliate links. After returning from Wise Woman 2014, my head was swimming with information. I was excited to think that when the next opportunity arose, I would be prepared with some natural remedies in my back pocket. I wasn’t expecting to come back and have to use them right away though! Now … Continue Reading

Natural Cures for Postpartum Blues…

We’ve all heard of “baby blues.” It’s not something you expect to have post baby, but once you have, you hope that you never have to go through anything like that again. After the birth of my twin daughters back in 2004, I had postpartum blues bad. Depression swallowed me up, and it was hard … Continue Reading