Chillaxin’ Herb Balls (For Stress, Anxiety, & Depression)

Readers of my blog know that March was a pretty rough month for me. Anyone that has been through tough times, or has had an extra serving of stress recently, understands that it can feel impossible to pull yourself out of the darkness sometimes. When you’ve been feeling depressed for a while, your body actually … Continue Reading

Lavender Infused Vegan Chocolate Fondue

OMG, aren’t you totally stoked right now??? It’s chocolate freaking FONDUE for crying out loud!!!! Can we just skip the dipping and pour it directly into our mouths!?!? (Hey, if you do, I promise I won’t tell anyone. *wink*) That’s how I felt when I found out I was making this at a recent herbal … Continue Reading

Using Rose Tea to Mend a Broken Heart

*this post contains affiliate links for your convenience. The first time I ever heard of using rose to mend a broken heart, I was at the Southeast Wise Woman conference in 2014, while in the presence of the very inspirational Robin Rose Bennett. She explained that just as the rose plant has thorns of her … Continue Reading

Natural Remedies to Wean Off Coffee

Ooohhhh coffee- the drink that fuels mothers. You get a good cup of coffee and it puts you in turbo drive- your body surges with energy, you can knock out multiple loads of laundry, and zip around the kids at lightening speed, solving every request. And you can write a mean blog post- the creative … Continue Reading