Halloween Games: Snap Apple, A Clean Alternative to Apple Bobbing

Apple bobbing is a classic Halloween game. While the origin of the tradition is often linked to Samhain- historians are more certain that it traveled from the British Isles and was used for fortune telling. After catching your apple, it is said that you would peel it carefully, pass it around your head three times, … Continue Reading

Easy Toddler Fun: Pumpkin Pie Play Clay!

I’m new to the sensory play world. My twin girls were toddlers back before Pinterest and social media exploded online- and I didn’t even own a computer (or cell phone!) when they were that small. Plus, with twins it’s a whole different ballgame; they’ve always had each other to play with, and rarely did they … Continue Reading

DIY Interchangeable "Clothesline" Frame!

Do you ever play the game “what would you choose?” You know, the one where you imagine that your house is on fire (did I mention this was a game?) and you can only choose ONE thing, assuming that all your loved ones and pets are safely outside? Well, my object of choice has always … Continue Reading

DIY Christmas Wreaths

Christmas is almost here! For most people that means days filled with last minute shopping, wrapping, and holiday craziness. It’s pretty easy to get (literally) wrapped up in all this chaos- the collective consciousness is high in stress and credit card totals. The traffic is heavy. The lines are long. Going out in the madness … Continue Reading