5 Things Every Homeschool Mom Should Remember When Starting a New School Year

Ohhh yes, a new homeschool year is upon us. This past month, as I gathered last minute materials, organized our school area, planned a months worth of craft projects (and relished my last few days of summer vacation), I found myself…slightly panicking. And then I thought, oh no….it’s her…that inner homeschool mom critic champing at … Continue Reading

How to Homeschool at the Grocery Store (FREE Printables!)

As a homeschool mom, sometimes you have to take lessons out of the home. There’s errands to run and things to do that can interfere with your homeschooling, so you have to find other ways to take learning on the go! For me, one of the biggest interruptions has been grocery shopping. We used to … Continue Reading

How to Plan Your Homeschool Schedule One Month at a Time!

*this post contains affiliate links for your convenience. Want to know the core secret to a successful homeschooling day? Schedules. Don’t get me wrong, I’ve had plenty of “on the fly” moments. I’m not one of those people that can’t stretch a finger past a schedule, so before you think I’m tight laced, THINK AGAIN. … Continue Reading

The Benefits of Block Scheduling For Your Homeschool

When you first start homeschooling, it can be difficult to anchor down a schedule. It seems like there is just so much to cover, and you don’t want to miss anything! Especially if you don’t have the support from family and friends, the pressure can be heavy during that first year. In truth, that first … Continue Reading