Homeschooling "On the Fly" (How You Can Teach Anything, Anywhere This Summer!)

While it’s officially “summer” for my children, that doesn’t mean that they are not learning at any given time. If you were a public school go-er like me, then summer means playing, zoning, and absolutely NO school lol. Yet for my children, they march to a different drum .”School” to them is fun, so why … Continue Reading

How to Teach Place Value to Children…

Like a lot of children out there, my own are very visual learners. I have found that by using stories and art as teaching tools, the material seems to sink in a lot quicker and my kids can retain information that otherwise would be forgotten. I don’t remember math ever being fun in school, nor … Continue Reading

Review: Our 2nd Grade Homeschool Materials

 *this post contains affiliate links for your convenience. Oh summer, how I love thee. It’s beautiful outside today; the sun is shining its morning light over the trees, the air is crisp, and the birds are chirping a happy little song. This is the kind of morning I love waking up to…especially when it’s officially … Continue Reading

Homeschooling Italy Lapbook! (2nd grade)

One of the awesome things about homeschooling is the freedom to study what interests your child, for any desired amount of time. Last week the girls learned about Italy, and I took the opportunity to use lapbooking as a way to record their new found knowledge of this beautiful country. We are not “heavy users” … Continue Reading