How to Teach Kids Sacred Geometry

Do you yawn when you think of math? Did you ever think it could actually be fun? For the past month, my children and I have gone beyond basic mathematics. We have connected to natural patterns and shapes by traveling back to the origins of numbers and form. We have learned history through point and … Continue Reading

Loving Easy Art Projects: Mosaics & Sensory

*this post contains affiliate links for your convenience. I love art projects that will please both my 10 year old daughters and two year old son. It’s a struggle finding an activity that will entertain all three for a desirable amount of time; usually I find myself trying to do two different things, for two … Continue Reading

The Salem Witch Trials FREE Lapbook Templates! (Late Elementary Grades)

*this post contains affiliate links American history can really rattle your bones, especially when you read the details of the Salem Witch Trials of 1692. Spells, possession, witchcraft, lies…tragedy. Somehow though, it never ceases to be disturbingly fascinating to me. Now that my girls are in the 5th grade, their Oak Meadow curriculum suggested that … Continue Reading

Gotta Love Bath Math (Teaching Kids Liquid Measurements)

*this post contains affiliate links for your convenience. When I was a child in school, there were no visuals in math class. I can actually see my elementary-self at my desk, struggling to answer a question about liquid measurements. Everything was done by text book, absolutely nothing was done in “real life” (which is where … Continue Reading