Happy “Back to the Future” Day!! (What I Learned & 2015 Predictions)

*this post contains affiliate links. Happy “Back to the Future” Day! “When this baby hits 88 miles per hour, you’re gonna see some serious shit.” Great Scott, we made it folks! Today, the mystery has been unveiled. No longer do we have to speculate what the future is really like on October 21st, 2015- we … Continue Reading

Vegan Irish Stew

I’m, what I like to call, a “Euro-mutt.” There’s a spoonful of Norwegian, a helping of English, and a handful of German running through my veins. Surprisingly, there’s also a sprinkle of Native American (someone along the way fell in love with a beautiful Indian woman…I mean how could you not?). Most of what I … Continue Reading

Black Magic Cinnamon Cupcakes

This October marks 8 years with my darling hubby! It’s a victory and a blessing, because we’ve been together longer than that. We were married when our twins were two (they were our little flower girls!), and before that, we had already been together for almost five years. Yeah, we’re ancient. That’s how we roll! … Continue Reading

Vegan Thin Mints Easter Candy Recipe

*this post contains affiliate links. Easter can mean something very different for each family. For us, it means a small get-together with a big lunch, being grateful for spring time, and diving into lots of delicious chocolate. Mmmmm. If there’s one thing I’ve always been hellbent on doing for my kids every Easter though, it’s … Continue Reading