How I Feel After Switching to a Low-Histamine Vegan Lifestyle

I know what you’re thinking…low-histamine WHAT? A few months ago, I didn’t even bat an eyelash at the term “low-histamine”, nor did I know what following this type of diet was. Little did I know, after listening to Doreen Virtue’s latest book on audible, “Don’t Let Anything Dull Your Sparkle,” that my entire style of … Continue Reading

What to Do When Your Toddler Gets Into Your Essential Oils (Safety Lesson!)

If you have ever fallen in love with essential oils, then your house may look like mine used to, with tiny bottles dotting every room of the house. For those of us that use them frequently, this is not unusual, since you can use oils for almost anything (have you ever heard the phrase, “there’s … Continue Reading

Cheese Alternatives & Why You Don’t Need to Eat Dairy

One of the TOP responses I get as a vegan is the never-ending, “I could NEVER live without cheese!” People look at me as though I just asked them if they could cut off their own limbs. Trust me when I say, “YES, yes you can.” (Give up dairy that is, not dismember yourself, silly.) … Continue Reading

Juicing For Large Families (Tips & Tricks)

*this post contains affiliate links for your convenience. It’s January, and you know what that means- everyone is jumping on the healthy train (at least for a little bit, right?)! Juicing is great to help detox after the holidays and is wonderful for rejuvenating your system. You don’t have to go on a liquid fast … Continue Reading