How to Get Your Kids Clothes FREE (Never Pay Full Price Again!)

We all want to save money. Kids clothing (and hell, everything we “have to have” these days) can get pricey. Trust me I know. I had my twin girls when I was 20.  It was a blessing that we had so many people donate clothing and other baby items to help my husband and I … Continue Reading

Quick and Easy Natural Remedies for Sore Throats ( Safe for Kids!)

*this post contains affiliate links. After returning from Wise Woman 2014, my head was swimming with information. I was excited to think that when the next opportunity arose, I would be prepared with some natural remedies in my back pocket. I wasn’t expecting to come back and have to use them right away though! Now … Continue Reading

"Heal While You Sleep" Meditation Now Available!

You’ve probably heard of the benefits of meditation: sharper mind, less stress, healthy body, and so on and so forth. However, if you have three *loud* children at home (like me), you may be wondering “when is there time to meditate?” or “I can’t get my mind to turn off for 1 minute! How can … Continue Reading

♥ Love Your Children For Who They Are ♥

We mamas love our children. Talking to dedicated moms, there is no question- we would do anything for them, even take a bullet, for their own safety and happiness. Many moms bend over backwards (myself included) to make sure their child gets a good education and life experience, on top of daily essentials like food, … Continue Reading