What to Do When Your Toddler Gets Into Your Essential Oils (Safety Lesson!)

If you have ever fallen in love with essential oils, then your house may look like mine used to, with tiny bottles dotting every room of the house. For those of us that use them frequently, this is not unusual, since you can use oils for almost anything (have you ever heard the phrase, “there’s … Continue Reading

What You Should Toddler Proof in Your Home RIGHT NOW.

Ohhhh toddlers- nature’s monsters. It’s amazing to me how quickly my house can turn from looking sparkling clean to appearing as though my house threw up on itself. Every day is my own personal battle to keep toys up off the floor, and to remove mysterious sticky substances from tables, floors, and furniture. I pretty … Continue Reading

Proven Ways to Save Money on Cloth Diapers

Cloth diapers can seem intimidating at the very beginning. You may be wondering what to buy, what is enough, and how cheap you can get it. I’ve known moms who liked the idea of cloth, but assumed the start up cost would be too expensive. Yes, it’s true, when you cloth diaper, you have to … Continue Reading

3 Ways To Increase Your Breast Milk…Naturally!

Veterans of breastfeeding know that those first few months are crucial- you need the support, the knowledge, and “the milk” to keep going. Breastfeeding your child is not just creating a special bond between mother and child, but is also providing the nutrients needed to grow a healthy baby. Sometimes, those new to BF can … Continue Reading