Easy Triple Chocolate Vegan Cake

People are always surprised when they hear that vegans can still enjoy chocolate cake. “But what about the eggs?” they’ll ask. And that’s when I swoop in like magic with my flowing cape; my hair whipping around my face as I shout from the rooftops: “Have no fear…VEGAN is here!”…and I smile sparkling pearly whites. … Continue Reading

How to Frost a Cake (Your Step-By-Step Guide!)

During this time of year, I’m flooded with birthdays. There’s my son’s, my husband’s, mom’s, daughter’s, and dad’s. Shortly following we have holidays too, where cake should be expected at least once…or twice if we really have the holiday spirit. Now I don’t know about you, but to me that’s a whole lotta cake! Like … Continue Reading

"Cookie Monster" Chocolate Chip Cookie Cake

Not only do I love eating Chocolate Chip Cookie Cake, but I love saying “Chocolate Chip Cookie Cake,” lol. Makes me feel warm and fuzzy when I think about little bits of chocolate, melted into fluffy slices of yellow cake. Mmmmmm. The Cookie Monster had it right when he chose cookies as his favorite food. … Continue Reading